Tuition & Fees

To get you started as a full-time undergraduate day student taking 30 credits per year, here are the important numbers you need to know for 2017-2018.

Tuition: $30,650.00 per year
Estimated Yearly Fees: $490 (add an additional $1,948 (if you are not already covered by medical insurance)
Room and Board: $13,000 per year*

Total Resident Student: $44,140
Total Commuter Student: $31,140

Other studio, computer, and laboratory fees may vary. Costs for books and supplies are extra. You should anticipate personal expenses for transportation and miscellaneous items.

Part-time Student Cost Per Credit: $1,277.08

Student Insurance

All full-time students are required by Connecticut state law to carry health insurance. You may enroll in or waive off of the College-sponsored accident and sickness policy. You must waive the student health insurance annually at by the deadline. Students are automatically billed for the student insurance. You must show proof of adequate coverage to Gallagher Koster in order to waive the College-sponsored policy and reverse the charge on your bill.

* Exclude if commuting