Undergraduate Degree Program

Honors Program

Students may apply to follow a program in honors which involves work in special courses designated each semester as honors courses and the development of individual projects designed in consultation with faculty mentors.

The Honors Program at Albertus Magnus College gives me a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself beyond what I ever thought I could achieve. It has provided me a sense of accomplishment and continues to help me grow in knowledge. The program has definitely benefited me by providing me more chances to push myself, accomplish goals, and meet amazing people who are just as driven as me. I recommend the Honors Program to any student wanting to go above and beyond just the regular college experience! Emily Matousek, Class of 2013.


Incoming freshmen are chosen for the program based on their cumulative high school grade point average and their combined SAT scores (reading, writing and math). Incoming first year students will receive notice of their selection into the Honors Program upon being accepted into AMC. A formal letter written by Christine Atkins and Richard Lolatte, along with an Honors brochure, will be mailed in December.

Full-time students at Albertus Magnus College are eligible to participate in the Honors Program by maintaining a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.


Eligible first-year students may take EN 106, EN 107, EN 155, HU 113 and HU 114 as honors courses. They are encouraged to take Honors Biology as well as Honors Evolution of Art. To successfully complete the program, these students must take four additional three-credit honors courses. Students not completing the courses listed above for honors credit must take six three-credit honors courses. All honors students must take at least one B course and one C course for honors credit. To graduate from the Honors Program, a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7.

Fulfillment of Requirements

Students may satisfy requirements for the Honors Program by taking designated honors courses, by contracting with individual faculty members to design a regular course as an honors course for that student, by successfully completing the Aquinas Scholars Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.7, or by taking independent studies or tutorials that are considered by the faculty to be eligible for honors credit.


In addition to adding this distinction to their resume/CV, Honors students receive the following benefits:

  • Increased academic rigor.
  • A sense of camaraderie with other students in the program.
  • Accepted student contact calls in early March.
  • An invitation to the Accepted Student Scholarship/Honors Brunch.
  • Early registration for all classes each semester beginning their freshman year.
  • A kick-off pizza luncheon to meet other students in the Honors Program each September.
  • Cultural events such as dinners, trips to the Yale Art Gallery, New Haven Symphony, Long Wharf Theatre, and New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.
  • Cords at graduation.

Director of the Honors Program
Dr. Christine Dolan Atkins
Aquinas Hall 234
(203) 401-4071