Undergraduate Degree Program


Ronald Waite - Chair
Associate Professor of Communications
B.A., M.A., Fairfield University
C.A.S., Wesleyan University

Email: waite@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8560
Office: Aquinas, Room 313

Albert DeFabio
Associate Professor of Drama
B.A., Sacred Heart University
M.A., Fairfield University
Professional Studies-Actors and Directors Lab/Circle in the Square Theatre School

Email: defabio@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8584
Office: ACT 2 Theatre

Melissa DeLucia
Lecturer in Communications
B.S., M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Email:  mldelucia@albertus.edu
Phone:  203.752.3063
Office:  Aquinas, Room 113

George Gallo*
Lecturer in Communications
B.A., Albertus Magnus College
M.A.L.S., Wesleyan University
Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University

Email: ggallo@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.6901
Office: Aquinas, Room G16

*Denotes Part-time Faculty