Academic Services

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

At Albertus Magnus, there are multiple opportunities for you to engage in curricular and co-curricular high-impact practices, interactive learning activities that have been shown to promote student success. You will be able to build an ePortfolio for credit that you can take with you into your career and graduate study; take part in experiential learning opportunities, including internships; engage in student/faculty collaborative research; take part in learning communities and much more. You may even be invited to participate in the Aquinas Scholars' Program, an innovative program that enables you to work with a faculty mentor and peers on projects you design.

Located on the second floor of Rosary Hall, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence supports high impact practices that are part of the curriculum and provides a variety of opportunities for you to extend your learning beyond the classroom. Among the opportunities and services the Center provides are:

The door to the Center is open for all students. As the list above suggests, the services the Center offers are varied, from providing unique opportunities for junior and senior level students who are outstanding researches preparing for graduate school to students just starting out in college interested in perfecting their skills in reading, writing, numeracy, and critical thinking. The philosophy of the Center is that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Continual practice and feedback are essential if we are to grow as readers, writers, and critical and creative thinkers. The best method of developing good study habits and improving academic skills is to know one's own strengths and learning style. The staff at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence strives to bring your strengths to light, and to provide opportunities for you to engage in co-curricular endeavors that will enable you to grow personally and professionally!