Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Academic Advisement

At every stage in their academic careers, Albertus students benefit from experienced guidance in planning a course of study. The Director of Academic Advisement and Student Success and the Director of the Honors Program advise entering first year students. The Director of Experiential Learning and The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence advises all of the transfer students.

The academic advising process begins with an individualized course registration appointment. During the appointment students expresses their overall academic goals, potential major, and any other ideas or concerns about beginning their journey at Albertus Magnus College. After selecting courses, the academic advisor serves as a mentor for students, helping answers any questions that may arise throughout the semester. This process is repeated each semester until the student graduates.

Commitment to each student's success is what makes the Academic Advising services so successful. Our academic advisors strive to help each student at Albertus graduate within four years and effectively use their time in college by taking challenging course and engaging in internships. Every Albertus student feels important and cared for, a result of motivated and compassionate advisors. No matter what issue, big or small, academic advisors at Albertus are ready to take on the challenge and help each student succeed.