Student Life

McAuliffe Hall

McAuliffe Hall is a large co-ed mansion that features beautiful rooms with fireplaces and walk in closets. This large Tudor-style brick mansion houses up to 35 students and is co-ed by floor. McAuliffe Hall is designated as substance-free and 24-hour quiet. The students in McAuliffe enjoy the patio, front foyer, large common area, and kitchen facilities. Wireless Internet connection is available.

760 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Quick Facts

  • Second building owned by the College
  • Built in 1906
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Designated substance-free and 24-hour quiet
  • Houses one Albertus staff member and two resident assistants

Contact Us

Kimberly Martinez
Director of Student Life
(203) 773-8577

Justin H. Cirisoli
Director of Residential Life
(203) 773-4477

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