Bachelor of Science in Human Services

This major is designed to provide students with a career-oriented degree which is combined with a rigorous liberal arts education. The major prepares the student to work in the community in professional capacities such as community outreach worker, case manager, community support counselor, clinician, mental health worker, and job coach. This major requires six credits of supervised internship experience. It is an interdisciplinary major drawing upon courses from several disciplines, including: Psychology, Sociology, Management, and Philosophy, in addition to the core general education courses.

Note: Four of the required courses are offered annually in the Accelerated Degree Program: HS 101; HS 311; PY 213; and PY/SO 235. Day students are allowed to take these courses with Continuing Education students, subject to all other policies with respect to Day students taking Continuing Education courses.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

Child Care Education Aide

Teacher Aide

Social Work Aide

Recreation Youth Worker

Social Services Youth Worker or Parent Aide

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Program Aide: Rehabilitation and Prevention Program

Program Of Study (54 Credits)

Core Requirements (33 credits)

HS 101 Introduction to Human Services

HS 280 Practicum I

HS 281 Practicum II

HS 311 Issues in Human Services

PY 111 Introduction to Psychology

PY 211 Abnormal Psychology

PY 213 Counseling Techniques

PY 250 Community Psychology

PY/SO 235 Drug and Alcohol Abuse

SO 111 Introduction to Sociology

MG 131 Principles of Management

Choose one: (3 credits)

PH 312 Bioethics

PH 352 Introduction to Peace and Justice

RS 211 Introduction to the Variety of Christian Experience

RS 383 Religion and Social Concerns

Choose two: (6 credits)

PY 214 Death and Dying

PY 330 Child Psychology

PY 331 Child Life: Concepts and Methods

PY 341 Adolescent Psychology

PY 350 Adulthood and Aging

Choose two: (6 credits)

SO 212 Social Work I

SO 213 Social Work II

SO 242 Minorities and Multicultural Diversity

Choose two: (6 credits)

SO 121 Contemporary Social Problems

SO 231 Deviance and Criminology

SO 232 Juvenile Delinquency

SO 241 Urban Sociology

Recommended Electives

CJ 111 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

CJ/SO 233 Corrections

CJ 236 Death Penalty in America

CJ 238 Criminal Evidence

CO 141 Speech Communications

EN 246 Business Writing

PY/SO 218 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (Note: Some graduate programs require successful completion of this course as a condition of admission.)

PY 240 Domestic Violence

PY 248 Cultural Psychology

PY 323W Social Psychology