Albertus Magnus College President

Dear Alumni and Friends of Albertus,

Ninety years of Veritas, of the search for truth in all its dimensions. Ninety years of Vision, of changing the lives of students of all ages. We are honored to celebrate the life of this very special place that is Albertus Magnus College, a Catholic College in the Dominican Tradition, which defines us and differentiates us from other colleges.

In 2015 we will commemorate the opening of the College on September 24, 1925 with a yearlong calendar of special events. We are the beneficiaries of the extraordinary and intrepid Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs (now known as the Dominican Sisters of Peace),who founded Albertus. Our heritage is one of decades of change and innovation, with a mission built upon the foundation of 900 years of Dominican thought and tradition, and the Dominican Pillars of study, prayer, community and service. We honor our past, as we shape our future.

Our charge is to continually seek, and to offer, an education that is valuable and viable. Self-examination has become a constant process for us, and it provides the opportunity to grow, and to innovate. We have stayed true to our mission: "to provide men and women with an education that promotes the search for truth in all its dimensions and is practical in its application." This commitment allows us to remain relevant in a constantly-changing environment, in which we must respond to the academic needs and ethical challenges of students and of society.

It is important during these times of tremendous competition in the education marketplace that we remember the strength of a liberal arts education; to think of our own place in the world; and our contribution to society.

Here at Albertus, we are forward-looking and flexible, always asking: is there a need that we can fill, can we find better ways to serve our students? There are many examples, among them: the Insight Program, a core curriculum of four years, which helps prepare students to lead a life that is socially responsible, as well as personally and professionally fulfilling; programs for adults to complete or begin an educational journey; the decision in 1985 of the Board of Trustees to admit men to all College programs; offering 10 graduate degrees, including the only master's program in art therapy in Connecticut. "Albertus 2020: A Strategic Path for the 21st Century" is our blueprint for the next five years. The Five Initiatives of Albertus 2020 are Celebrating our Inclusive and Diverse Community, Enhancing our Capacity for Technological Innovation and Human Creativity, Implementing Innovative and Distinctive Delivery of Academic Services, Commitment to the Development of In-Demand and High-Impact Programs, and Promoting Strong Athletic Programs. The Initiatives are interwoven, playing off and with each other.

The Dominican motto, contemplata aliis tradere-to share the fruits of contemplation- truly describes the spirit of Albertus. We are committed to scholarly exploration and the education of the whole person. Here, our distinguished faculty, who are passionate teachers, share the fruits of their contemplation with students every day. In this special section, Professor Sean O'Connell, Professor Jeremiah Coffey, Professor Deborah Frattini and Professor Robert Bourgeois share their thoughts on the Dominican Pillars in very personal essays. We are grateful to them for their commitment to the College and for their reflections.

Faithfully yours,

Julia M. McNamara, President