Welcome to the Writing Program

The Writing Program at Albertus Magnus College nurtures and supports student writers with writing intensive "W" classes, the Writing Center, and peer tutors (Writing Associates). As a part of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, the Writing Program enables students to experience high-impact practices and integrative learning.

"W" Classes

The comprehensive Writing Program at Albertus Magnus College embraces the philosophy that writing facilitates learning and is a craft demanding practice in disciplines above and beyond English 106 and 107. Consequently, the significance of effective writing is emphasized across the curriculum, and students are required to complete a minimum of four writing intensive "W" classes during the course of their tenure at the College. While writing intensive courses may vary in the length as well as number of writing/research projects assigned, all require that students visit the Writing Center and consult with a Writing Associate for writing support.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at Albertus Magnus College provides ongoing assistance throughout the writing process, helping students develop and improve as mature writers and encouraging them to view writing as a means of learning and discovering.

Integral to the comprehensive writing program at the College, the Center offers an abundance of reference materials, print and online resources, as well as the aid of WAs, who provide peer consultations on writing and research for student writers across all disciplines. The Center also affords a warm and welcoming environment in which you may simply wish to compose, edit, or revise your written assignments.

Writing Associates

WAs or Writing Associates are student peers who are thoroughly trained to offer individual consultations on prewriting, editing, and rewriting techniques across disciplines. They work closely with student writers, providing supplemental writing instruction throughout the writing and revision process.

Looking for a little extra help?

Well, look no further than eTutoring. eTutoring is a free, online tutoring resource available to all students who seek support in the following subject areas: writing, math (from the developmental level though calculus), accounting, biology (including anatomy and physiology), chemistry, information literacy (and research methods), and statistics.

For me, being exposed to the diversity of students and assignments has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Writing Associate. I enjoy seeing students come into the Writing Center with the same assignment yet each one has put his own "spin" on the resulting paper. The multiple ways an assignment can be interpreted and its dependence on the writer's perception of the project never ceases to amaze me. I love getting a glimpse of the imagination and creativity of the individuals who pass through the Writing Center. The feeling of pride that results from aiding them in various steps of the writing process solidifies the reasons why I joined the Writing Center. Working with students from classes and subjects unfamiliar to me continuously helps me broaden my own skills as I encounter assignments and formats to which I have never been exposed. As an English major, I revel in any opportunity to enhance and better my own writing, so the fact that it develops as I help improve the composition of my peers is a remarkable realization. - Kelly Matera, Class of 2012.