The mission of Albertus Magnus College is to provide men and women with an education that promotes the search for truth in all its dimensions and is practical in its application. Founded by the Dominican Sisters of Peace, Albertus Magnus College, faithful to its Catholic heritage and the Judeo-Christian tradition, remains dedicated to providing an opportunity for learning which responds to the academic needs and ethical challenges of its students and society.

Approved by the Board of Trustees March 21, 2003
Updated 2012

The mission of Albertus Magnus College derives from the intellectual tradition of the Dominican Order whose essential charism is the search for truth (Veritas). Reflective of the dedication and commitment to service of our founder and sponsor, we at Albertus assume responsibility for the fulfillment of our particular service as an academic community. Principles which guide our mission and purpose include the following:

  • The College embraces the Liberal Arts tradition and is committed to a vibrant curriculum, including a General Education program, that is both scholarly and humanistically enlarging.
  • The College encourages students to participate in academic internships, practica and relevant work experiences as preparation for meaningful careers.
  • The College strives to bring together a richly diverse student body and cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect and ethical behavior.
  • The College fosters close, positive interaction between faculty and students, thereby offering broad opportunities for challenge and growth.
  • The College provides an educational environment dedicated to enhancing each student’s development, both as an individual and as a member of society.
  • The College prepares students to become responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners, encouraging them to contribute to their communities and to become moral leaders in a complex world.

No matter how you follow your educational dreams, you’re invited to visit our beautiful campus in New Haven and experience the many dimensions of our dynamic community for yourself.

Statement of Catholic Identity

Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic College founded by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. In union with the whole Church, the College affirms the essential dignity of each person as a being of divine origin. In this light, each individual person "...attempts to seek out the wonders of the material universe...and finds...perfection in wisdom, which gently draws the human mind to look for and love what is true and good." (Gaudiam et Spes, Vatican II)

Because it is rooted in the Dominican tradition, Albertus Magnus College is devoted to the pursuit of truth in all of its dimensions and to the proposition that faith and reason are complementary. Thus, this College fosters a commitment to scholarly exploration and to the principles of academic freedom. The College welcomes diversity and is dedicated to facilitating the intellectual growth of its faculty, students and administrative staff so that they may develop their individual gifts and acquire the habits of mind necessary to pursue truth.

Albertus Magnus College promotes inquiry into such questions as the role of the individual in the natural world and in society; responsibility toward social justice, peace, and the common good; the relationship between faith and reason; and the relationship between theory and practice. The Albertus community is dedicated to creating an open institution environment which supports its members' intellectual, spiritual and social development.

September, 2001
Updated 2012