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Isn’t ‘life’ just one giant chemical reaction? From the hormones inside our bodies to what we put on the outside and almost everything we use each day, chemistry makes things happen! And you can, too — when you major in chemistry at Albertus Magnus College.

Consider the soap and shampoo from your morning shower — they’re among the daily benefits of chemistry. What contributions will you make with your ideas about the ‘stuff’ of this world, its interactions, combinations and processes for changing and creating new substances? Let your imagination soar!

With the solid foundation in the liberal arts offered at AMC, your chemistry major prepares you to make sound and ethical decisions as an effective and successful leader. Career options range from research laboratories and software development to museums, libraries, industry, scientific writing and illustration or teaching. Or you can go on to graduate study, including professional programs in medicine.

Your individual advisor from AMC’s dedicated science faculty works with you to select the courses that best fit your special abilities and interests. You also gain practical experience by participating in faculty-directed research and career-related internships.

Our rigorous coursework covers topics in analytical, organic, inorganic, physical and biochemistry. In addition, AMC’s proximity to Yale University means even more scientific resources are available for your extracurricular laboratory, volunteer and internship activities.

Each year, AMC’s campus-wide Research Symposium offers you an excellent venue to collaborate with your colleagues from other disciplines and present the public with the results of your scientific investigations.

A major in chemistry leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is your best choice if you plan to teach chemistry at the secondary level. A variety of science courses, including chemistry, are required to teach at the middle school level. More information on teacher education and certification is available through AMC’s Education Programs Department. You may also choose to minor in chemistry.

Sincerely willing to help you succeed, our faculty members in the chemistry program know you by name, teach your classes, lead your research and will guide you as much as you want. They support your hard work and share your excitement when you achieve your goals.

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