Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

The Spanish major aims to develop mastery of Spanish language and literature while exposing students to diverse cultures and literary movements. In addition to analyzing major literary and critical works of the Spanish-speaking world from medieval times through the present, students are encouraged to complement their coursework with a semester or summer experience abroad. The major prepares students for various professions, including education, law, civil service, journalism, publishing, business, and sport management.

Students in FL-354S: Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico visit El Museo del Barrio, the only Puerto Rican museum in the US, located in Harlem, New York.

In order to major in Spanish, students must successfully complete 30 credits beyond the elementary levels (FL 111S, FL 112S). Of these, at least 12 credits must be taken at the advanced 300 level. Students majoring in Spanish must take the Departmental Seminar during their senior year. Students pursuing teacher certification are required to take FL 391S and to arrange with the Education Programs Department for a teaching practicum in an area school in conjunction with this course.

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Program Of Study (30 Credits)

Spanish Courses

FL 111S, 112S Elementary Spanish I, II

FL 211S, 212S Intermediate Spanish I, II

FL 230S Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition

FL 231S Conversational Spanish

FL 244S Spanish/Hispanic Civilization and Culture (in English)

FL 290S Independent Study

FL 299S Introduction to Hispanic Literature

FL 340S Latin American Literature to Modernismo

FL 341S Major Latin American Writers

FL 352S Medieval/Golden Age Spanish Literature

FL 354S Special Topics in Hispanic Literature

FL 390S Independent Study

FL 391S Practicum

FL 395 Departmental Seminar

Spanish Minor (18 credits)

Students in other departments are invited to pursue a minor in Spanish as an additional subfield of specialization. In order to fulfill the minor, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in Spanish, including 6 credits in each of the 200 and 300 level courses.

Spanish Club at the Peabody Museum