“After graduation with an MBA, I felt that I had many of the skills necessary to compete in the business world, but I realized that there were other skills that I lacked in order to be truly successful. I was able to read spreadsheets, utilize data, and discuss business goals, but there was another whole set of “soft skills” that are needed to be an effective manager. The Masters of Arts in Leadership is addressing these needs, and I feel that the leadership program is providing me with a broader arsenal of business tools to deal with difficult workplace issues. I am hoping this education will transform me from being a good manager to becoming an effective leader.” —Jim King  

"The New Dimensions program will allow you to go back to school, complete your degree and secure a better future in today's very competitive and demanding job market."—Vincent Orsini, Business Major

"I personally believe that Albertus Magnus, New Dimensions offers the best educational value for the dollar, while providing top-quality education experience with professional, measurable results."—David Fitch, M.S. Degree in Business Management   "You get out of the program what you put into it. After I graduated from New Dimensions, I started a new job. Soon after, I received a substantial promotion in my company."—Susan Biuso, M.S. Degree in Business Management  

"The beauty of the New Dimensions program was that it allowed me to further my education in a fashion which would create minimal disruption to my household and career responsibilities."—Angela Grimaldi


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