Academic Services (CTLE)

Learning Outcomes

To assess student learning, Albertus Magnus College administers the Educational Testing Service (ETS) instrument Measuring Academic Proficiency and Progress when the student enters the College, at the conclusion of the first year and at the conclusion of the senior year.  The ETS Business Major Field Test. is used to measure learning outcomes for students majoring in business-related disciplines.  Assessment of learning is also done by in-the-field-supervisors of the student internships.  At the conclusion of each course, a statistical rating occurs which measures the learning accomplished by each student during the term.  Appropriate alterations and new initiatives are instituted upon analysis of these instruments. 

Student Satisfaction is measured by use of the Noel Levitz instrument, the UCLA HERI surveys for first-year students, and the NCHEMS instrument Student Outcomes Information Services for our graduating seniors. 

Annually, each academic department and program conducts a descriptive and statistical review of its course of study.   Appropriate alterations and new initiatives are instituted upon analysis of these reviews.  Results and recommendations are referred to the Strategic Planning Committee.  The new major of Criminal Justice and the Teacher Preparation Program are two examples of initiatives based upon program review results. 

Course objectives and methods of assessing these objectives for each course are determined at the beginning of each term.  Upon conclusion of the term, the results and accomplishments are assessed and indicated alterations  are made.