Why Get Involved in the Honors Program?

Faculty & Alumni Testimonials

"Having taught Honors students for a number of years, I expect that they will be bright and conscientious, and they are. What always impresses and delights me, however, is that they are also curious and so responsive to new ideas. This means that as a teacher, I am always looking for ways to challenge and excite them. Teaching Honors students is so much more than instruction; classes are filled with questions and interdisciplinary connections and unexpected reflections on knowledge and the world. It’s such a privilege to work with students who love to learn."

- Deborah D. Frattini, M.F.A.
Associate Professor of English & Humanities Director,
Academic Development Center

"An effective, progressive Honors Program should prepare the student for real-world professional interactions and for the challenges within their academic pursuits. It should augment the college experience, create community and engage its members in experiential processes. This is what the Albertus Honors Program does."

- Caroline Evans Abbott '15

"The Honors Program enabled me to get the most out of all my classes by working closely with my professors on subjects that went deeper into the particular area of study. It helped me strive to be better in every area of my life, and never settle."

- Kelli Hurley '15

"I recently finished a master's degree at the University of Edinburgh, and although that world-renowned institution has further refined my research skills and methods, I owe everything to Albertus and the Honors Program, which first kindled, then encouraged my academic interests and capabilities."

- Matthew John Sheehan '15

"The Honors Program at Albertus Magnus College has been influential during my time at Albertus Magnus College in more ways than one. It can be confusing to figure out credits and logistical issues in college, especially as a transfer student, but Dr. Atkins, the Honors advisor, helps alleviate much of the stress. Advising is less confusing, since she always manages to convey important information clearly and follows up quickly. The projects required for the Honors program are what make the Honors program so interesting for me. There is a different feeling when you are doing research or writing a paper on a topic that is of personal interest than when you are doing regular coursework. It is exciting to pick your own topic and learn something that is unexpected or go more in depth on a topic that fascinates you. I am glad that the Honors program has afforded me the opportunity to make the most out of my college education and to enjoy what I am learning."

- Maria Arnold '14

"Being in the Honors Program at Albertus Magnus College has helped me stay focused on my goals for the time I get to experience here, as well as for my future. My focuses are staying up on my work, grades, and relationships with my Professors here at AMC. In the future, all of my hard work, dedication, and connections through the Honors Program will ultimately pay off for the better. I plan to major in Criminal Justice and minor in Spanish. The classes that I am taking here at AMC will prepare me for my future career in Criminal Justice. The Honors Program Director, my Spanish Professor, and my advisor, is Dr. Christine Atkins. Throughout my experience here at AMC she has helped me out the most in all three categories. My most important goal is to hopefully be fluent in Spanish when I graduate because I know it will benefit my future, especially while having a career in Criminal Justice field. However, the Honors Program here at AMC isn't just all about the extra long assignments, amazing grades, and the cool blue jackets...it's about having a sense of belonging in the college, knowing you will always have somewhere, or someone, to go if you think you are getting lost or off track with anything. That's my favorite part about being in the Honors Program."

- Ramona Onofrio '14

"The Honors Program at Albertus Magnus College gives me a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself beyond what I ever thought I could achieve. It has provided me a sense of accomplishment and continues to help me grow in knowledge. The program has definitely benefited me by providing me more chances to push myself, accomplish goals, and meet amazing people who are just as driven as me. I recommend the Honors Program to any student wanting to go above and beyond just the regular college experience!"

- Emily Matousek '13