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France Trip Group Photo

Albertus Abroad

For three weeks, Dr. Christine Atkins (pictured far right in group photo), associate professor of Spanish, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, and director of the Honors Program, along with Christine Puglisi ’19 (pictured left with Eiffel Tower), traveled to Fanjeaux, France, with ten American Dominican colleges and universities. In Fanjeaux, they learned about the history and charism of the Dominican Order in the town where St. Dominic once lived. They also traveled throughout the region to various sites of historical importance in both French and Dominican history.

Dr. Atkins said, "I feel tremendously grateful to Albertus Magnus College and the Dominican Sisters of Peace for the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students from various Dominican colleges and universities. For eighteen days, we came together as a community of scholars to witness St. Dominic's vision of seeking and sharing the truth. I will cherish our time in the breathtaking medieval towns of Fanjeaux, Carcassonne, Lagrasse, Vals, Toulouse, and Paris."

Ms. Jorgieliz Casanova ('17 Sociology, Criminal Justice with a Spanish Minor)
Ms. Jorgieliz Casanova was chosen by Yale Young Women's Leadership Launch to represent Albertus Magnus College's Honors Program and New Haven Promise as one of three keynote speakers.
To view Ms. Jorgieliz Casanova's speech, click here

Senior Taylor Chamberlain has her Senior Art Installation, "Mommy Dearest" at Albertus on April 17 from 4:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Taylor writes, "My work is not necessarily a true account of my childhood, rather a reconstruction of a persistent memory. The pieces in this exhibition have been altered and brought together in order to recreate a space embodied with emotional tone. Both structure and sound have been carefully considered in order to transport spectators into the haunting, nostalgic depths of my experience. The purpose of this installation is to spread awareness about substance use disorder and to pay tribute to my mother — the one who truly taught me that art could heal. Both her disease and the dynamics of our relationship are what drew me to the field of art therapy. Dearest Mother, this one's for you."
Location: Margaret L. MacDonough Art Gallery (Hubert Campus Center)

Alyssa Mellone and Jorgieliz Casanova
Ms. Alyssa Mellone and Ms. Jorgieliz Casanova (Class of 2017, Sociology, Criminal Justice with a Minor in Spanish) will be speaking at the Yale Young Women's Leadership Launch on April 1, 2017:

Alicia Vitagliano
Ms. Alicia Vitagliano (Incoming Honors Program President) will participate in the Yale Splash Volunteer Teaching Day on April 8. Alicia will prepare lessons on George Orwell's 1984, Social Media, and Italian Heritage in New Haven.

Summer in France
Dr. Christine Atkins and Christine Puglisi have been chosen by the College to attend a summer program in France hosted by Dominican University.

Spring Outing
Culinary Tour of New Haven! Thursday, April 6, from 5:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Sheridan McNamara ’17: Advocacy at State Capital
On Wednesday, February 15, Sheridan McNamara ’17 traveled to the state capital in Hartford to give testimony before the Appropriations Committee opposing cuts to state financial aid.

Elizabeth Falcigno
Bolden and Falcigno Receive All-Conference Distinction

Elizabeth Falcigno
Basketball court a place of success and sanctuary for Wallingford’s Falcigno

Jorgieliz Casanova
Albertus Magnus College congratulates Jorgieliz Casanova and all of our New Haven Promise scholars on their academic accomplishments.

Stacie Hurley
Internship with Rosa DeLauro

Elizabeth Falcigno
Area players fuel Albertus Magnus Scoccer

Megan Thornton
Study Abroad in Granada, Spain