Our History

In 1924, the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs, who are now known as the Dominican Sisters of Peace, purchased an estate in New Haven, Connecticut, in an effort to found a women’s college. A charter was signed on July 13, 1925, and the first classes at Albertus Magnus College were held on September 24, 1925 in Rosary Hall, the mansion on the property.

Since 1926, the College has acquired several mansions, which are used for student residences and administration. Rosary Hall now houses the College library. The latest construction on campus — the Tagliatela Academic Center— opened for classes in January 2005.

Albertus Magnus College became co-educational in all its programs in 1985. In the same year, the Continuing Education Division expanded its offerings for adult learners to include a pioneering Accelerated Degree Program (ADP). In 1994, the College introduced New Dimensions, an alternative educational delivery system focused on business, also for adult learners and including undergraduate and graduate courses.
The Cosgrove, Marcus, Messer Athletic Center opened in 1989. This indoor sports and recreation center houses a pool, a gymnasium and indoor track, racquetball and volleyball courts, weight and dance rooms, and a new fitness center. The Center is part of a six million dollar athletic complex featuring a soccer field, an outdoor track and tennis courts.

In 1992, Albertus Magnus offered its first graduate program, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Since then, the College has added seven graduate programs which currently are offered: Master of Arts in Art Therapy, the only degree of its kind in Connecticut; Master of Arts in Leadership; Master of Fine Arts in Writing; Master of Science in Human Services; Master of Business Administration; Master of Science in Education; and Master of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Today, Albertus has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 students — nearly 500 in the traditional day program, and the others in adult undergraduate and graduate degree programs. More than 90 percent of students are enrolled full-time.

The College’s Board of Trustees was reorganized in 1969 so that 80 percent of its members are lay people; the other 20 percent are members of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. The College remains true to its Dominican heritage and continues to be dedicated to the search for truth in all its dimensions.

St. Albert the Great

Patron of Albertus Magnus College, Albert was born about 1200 into the family of the counts of Bollstadt at Lauingen in Swabia. After studying in Bologna and Padua, he entered the recently founded Dominican order in 1223. For the next three decades, he studied and taught in Paris and Cologne, where the young Thomas Aquinas was among his students. In 1254, Albert was elected prior provincial of Germany and, soon after, was appointed papal theologian and named Bishop of Ratisbon. Yearning for academia, he resigned his episcopal appointment in 1262 and returned to Cologne for a life of prayer and study. Albert died in Cologne in 1280. According to a contemporary, Albert was a man “so superior in every science that he can fittingly be called the wonder and miracle of our time.” His encyclopedic writings include works on physics, geography, astronomy, chemistry, biology, philosophy and theology. He was a major figure in introducing Aristotle to the Latin West and was instrumental in the acceptance of human learning as an essential handmaid to theology. In 1933, Albert was proclaimed a saint and doctor of the Church.

Campus Traditions

The traditions of college life at Albertus Magnus College celebrate your achievements and encourage your future success.

During the Candlelight Ceremony, the senior class welcomes you as a new student into the Albertus Magnus tradition of learning and the search for truth in all its dimensions.

You’ll remember special happenings tied to every season at Albertus Magnus College. Fall Fest engages you and your peers with alumni, faculty, staff and families in a campus-wide celebration of the season. Meet and make new lifelong friends at Spring Formal, a night of dinner, dancing and fun. Join in the holiday merry-making of our Winter Wonder festivities. Then, gather around the barbecue fires during Spring Jam and shake off winter’s chill.

On Laurel Day, you will help recognize the achievements of our soon-to-be graduating seniors. At yearly commencement exercises, the Baccalaureate Mass marks the achievement of this major event in your life — and a day you will long recall and cherish.

The Tradition of Honor

The idea of honor is an integral and important part of college life at Albertus. Honor implies that each member of the College has a personal responsibility to abide by and uphold the policies of the College. Its practice extends to every aspect of college life. The spirit of honor encourages a strong sense of mutual responsibility, respect, trust and fairness among all members of the campus community.

No matter how you follow your educational dreams, you're invited to visit our beautiful campus in New Haven and experience the many dimensions of our dynamic community for yourself.

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