Graduate 8-Week Session Course Listing

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Key: BL = Blended, DL = Online, LEC = Lecture, STU = Studio

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Criminal Justice
CJ-521-1Probation,parole,community Based Correct Lawrie3LEC 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BL 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
CJ-521-DL1Probation,parole,community Based Correct Lawrie3DL  
CJ-530-1Issues in Correctional Supervision Lawrie3LEC 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BL 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CJ-530-DL1Issues in Correctional Supervision Lawrie3DL  
CJ-538-1Youth,culture, and Crime Geary3LEC 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BL 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CJ-538-DL1Youth,culture, and Crime Geary3DL  
CJ-545-1Victimology Geary3LEC 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BL 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
CJ-545-DL1Victimology Geary3DL  
CJ-660-1Criminal Justice Internship Lawrie3INT  
CJ-661-00Criminal Justice Thesis Geary0LECM W  
CJ-661-00Criminal Justice Thesis Geary0LEC  
CJ-661-1Criminal Justice Thesis Geary3DL  
ED-601-1Language Acquisition and Structure Staff3LEC 5:30 PM 7:50 PMED-501 ED-502 ED-503
    BL 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
ED-603-1Assessment and Student Learning Staff3LEC 8:00 PM 10:20 PMED-501 ED-502 ED-503
    BL 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
ED-680-1Capstone Research Practicum Staff2PRA  ED-501 ED-502 ED-503 ED-601 ED-602 ED-603 ED-605 ED-606
ED-691-1Comprehensive Activity Venditto1LEC  ED-501 ED-502 ED-503 ED-601 ED-602 ED-603 ED-604 ED-605 ED-606 ED-680
EN-692-1Master Project Wallman8LEC  
LDR-600-1Team Building and Leadership in the Field Wasserman3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
LDR-600-DL1Team Building and Leadership in the Field Wasserman3DL  
Liberal Studies
LS-550-1Special Topics Ter-Stepanian3DL  
LS-550-2Special Topics Dell3DL  
LS-699-1Final Project Writing Seminar Staff3SEM  
LS-699-DL1Final Project Writing Seminar Schoeck3DL  
LS-700-00Final Project Coash0INDTH  
LS-700-1Final Project Coash3IND  
LS-700-2Final Project Coash3IND  
Master Business Administration
MB-515-1Economic Theory and Application Fernandez3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MB-515-DL1Economic Theory and Application Fernandez3DL  
MB-516-1Organizational Behavior Fero3LECM 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
MB-516-DL1Organizational Behavior Fero3DL  
MB-521-1Managing Human Res. in Organizations Wasserman3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MB-521-DL1Managing Human Res. in Organizations Wasserman3DL  
MB-614-1Info.Systems Issues for Managers Madden-Hennessey3DL  
MB-615-1Global Management Raynor3LECTH 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLT 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
MB-615-DL1Global Management Raynor3DL  
MB-632-1Organizational Development Staff3DL  
MB-636-1Law and Ethics in Business Aniskovich3LECTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MB-636-DL1Law and Ethics in Business Aniskovich3DL  
MB-647-1Financial Management of Health Care Orga White3DL  
MB-652-1Human Res.Training and Development Wasserman3LECW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLM 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
MB-652-DL1Human Res.Training and Development Wasserman3DL  
MB-655-1Ethics for Accounting Professionals Fallon3DL  
MB-657-1Fraud Investigation Riskin3DL  
Mgt and Organ. Leadership
MOL-506-1Organizational Behavior Fero3LECM 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
MOL-506-DL1Organizational Behavior Fero3DL  
MOL-518-1Managing Quality McGivern3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MOL-518-DL1Managing Quality McGivern3DL  
MOL-601-1Team Building Wasserman3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MOL-601-DL1Team Building Wasserman3DL