Policy & Procedures

Veterans need to submit the following documents to the Office of the Registrar:


Albertus Magnus College is responsible for submitting enrollment dates, registered credits, tuition and fees. The VA determines the student's benefit amounts. Certification is the formal process of notifying the VA of a student's enrollment for educational benefits.

Change of Major/Program

If you decide to change your major or program you must complete a VA Change of Major form and submit the form to the VA. A copy of that form will also need to be given to the Office of the Registrar. This is to insure you will receive future VA educational benefits.

Adds, Drops, Withdrawal

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Office of the Registrar immediately regarding any add, drop, or withdrawal from classes. Albertus Magnus College is required to report any changes in enrollment to the VA.

Students may be required to pay back portions of their benefits if they drop a course, withdraw, or receive a non-punitive grade. It is the student's responsibility to verify information certified to the VA and repay any overpayment.

Break Pay

As of 08/01/2011, The VA will no longer pay for breaks in class scheduling. For more information, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at (888) 442-4551.

Repeat or Duplication

If a student fails a course or receives a grade below departmental requirements, they may repeat the same course and receive VA educational benefits. All other duplications can NOT be certified.

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