Undergraduate Degree Program


Nancy C. Fallon- MBA Program Director
Professor of Accounting
B.A., Albertus Magnus College
M.B.A., University of New Haven
Ph.D., Capella University

Email: nfallon@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8567
Office: Aquinas, Room 306

Tim Raynor-Chair (Day Program)
Assistant Professor
B.A., Albertus Magnus College
MBA, Sacred Heart University
DBA Candidate, Wilmington University

Email: traynor@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8582
Aquinas, Room 334

Clara Munson - Chair (ADP Program)
Associate Professor in Business
B.A., University of Louisville
M.B.A., University of New Haven
Ph.D., The Union Institute and University

Email: munson@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8537
Office: Aquinas, Room 213

Sister Charles Marie Brantl, O.P.
Professor of Economics
B.A., Albertus Magnus College
M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University

Email: brantl@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.0116
Office: Aquinas, Room 303

Norman Davis
Associate Professor - Management
B.A., University of Nebraska
M.A., University of New Haven
Ph.D., The Union Institute and University

Email: davis@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8565
Office: Aquinas, Room 208

Howard Fero
Director of Master of Arts in Leadership Program
Assistant Professor - Management and Leadership
B.A., Hofstra University
M.S., Baruch College
Ph.D., Claremont University

Email:  hfero@albertus.edu
Phone:  203.773.24
Office:  Aquinas, Room G33

Nicholas Framularo*
Lecturer in Business Law
B.S., Georgetown University
J.D., DePaul University College of Law

Email: nframularo@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.6901
Office: Aquinas, Room G16

Wayne Gineo
Director of Master of Science in ManagementProgram
Assistant Professor - Economics
B.S., University of New Hampshire
M.S., University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Email:  wgineo@albertus.edu
Phone:  860.289.1182
Office:  East Hartford

Robert Hubbard
Director C.I.S.
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
B.S., M.B.A., University of Connecticut

Email: hubbard@albertus.edu
Phone: 203.773.8563
Office: Aquinas, Room 328

*Denotes Part-time Faculty