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What forces shape the modern world? Which important people influence cultures across the globe? What are the turning points in United States history and what is our relationship to other nations on the planet? How do war and peace affect a society and the progress of cultures and civilizations?

Explore the amazingly vast range of human activity past and present — with its implications for the future — when you major in history at Albertus Magnus College.

Develop your analytical skills, discuss the lively nature of human affairs and learn to communicate your insights as you examine the record of important or public events, key institutions and trends within societies and cultures. AMC’s professional faculty members want to help you succeed. They support your individual development through one-on-one attention, fieldwork experiences and independent study projects. You may also minor in history.

A background in history provides excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in such diverse fields as teaching, business, government/civil service, law, journalism, archival work and library science.

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