Undergraduate Degree Program

Global Studies

How does Chinese investment impact tax rates in the United States?  How is illegal immigration from Eastern Europe and Africa changing the European Union?  What is the result of the cross-pollination of jazz, funk, rock, and West African soul?  Why is the Ford Focus the most sold car brand in Russia?

Through the interdisciplinary major in global studies, gain an understanding of the historical, political, economic, cultural, and technological forces that contribute to globalization and shape the contemporary world.  Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career or graduate study in one of many possible fields, including foreign service, government, journalism, postsecondary education, public interest advocacy, and public interest law.

Designed to provide a broad understanding of the processes of globalization while enabling you to pursue in-depth inquiry into specific areas of interest, the major consists of three stages:

  • The Contemporary World and Processes of Globalization
  • Global Issues
  • Specialized Studies

You will work closely with the director of the program to choose from a variety of courses across disciplines that will enable you to gain a global perspective and to cultivate the capacity to address global issues with depth and understanding.

In AMC’s small classes, you will benefit from the personal attention of our professional faculty who are dedicated to your success.  You will grow in your ability to think globally and to address local and regional issues from a global perspective.  You will cultivate the critical thinking, communication, and research skills that you will need to play a meaningful role in addressing global concerns.

During the program, you will have opportunities to engage in a variety of learning experiences, including Global Studies seminars, the development of your own Global Studies portfolio, and an internship that will enable you to apply the knowledge and skills that you obtain in the classroom to an area of interest.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fields such as international business and international law that employ individuals with undergraduate and graduate training in global studies are expanding significantly.  Non-governmental Organizations also are multiplying, from just 41 in 1968 to 1,550 in 2008.

Majoring in Global Studies provides an excellent opportunity to expand your understanding of the contemporary world as you prepare to engage in one of these many professions that are growing rapidly as a result of globalization.

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