Undergraduate Degree Program


GL 111 Introduction to Global Studies
Globalization refers to the processes which are pulling everyone on the planet together. In Introduction to Global Studies, we will look at politics, history, economics, and ecology to understand both the compression of the world and the rise of consciousness of the globality of human experience. Topics will include terrorism; migration from poor to rich countries; human rights; the flow of jobs and money around the world; human trafficking; transnational smuggling of drugs, weapons, and art; and the impact of human beings on the biosphere. Generally offered every year. 3 credits

GL 210 Colonialism/Postcolonialism
An examination of the impact of European colonialism in the last five hundred years to shaping contemporary global systems and cultures. This course examines the histories of modern colonialism from the 15th c. to the 20th c.; histories and literatures of decolonization from the 18th c. to the 20th c.; and the histories, cultures and discourses of the postcolonial era. It provides a conceptual introduction to the problems, debates, and discussions that represent current attempts to grapple with the role of colonial encounters in shaping the global present.

GL 240 Globalization and Technology
Technology has relieved the burden of back breaking labor and has contributed to the enhancement of numerous sectors of society, including health, education, journalism, and government. At the same time the "progress" of technology in warfare has been no less dramatic, giving humans the power to end life on the planet. The major focus of the course is the way that technology has come to affect society, and in particular the interconnectedness of human beings all over the planet. Information technology in particular has become ubiquitous and is changing every aspect of how people live their lives. As technology has become more powerful, the question legitimately arises as to whether humans control their technology or technology controls humans. What was once science fiction has become reality.

GL 255 Special Topics
Topics selected on the basis of relevance, student interest, and special competence of the instructor. Offered when there is sufficient demand. 3 credits

GL 330 Portfolio
Portfolio of work demonstrating successful completion of student learning outcomes for the Global Studies major. The portfolio is developed under the direction of the Program Director. 1 credit

GL 355 Special Topics Seminar
An in-depth treatment of a special topic announced at the time of registration. 3 credits

GL 380 Internship
Fieldwork experience initiated with the permission of the Program Director. Upon registering for GL 80, students should meet immediately with the internship coordinator. This should be done by the middle of the semester prior to completing the placement. P. Senior Status, GL 111, permission of Program Director. Generally offered every semester. 3 credits

GL 391 Senior Thesis
A senior research project for seniors majoring in Global Studies. The topic is chosen in consultation with the senior research instructor. Generally offered every year. 3 credits