Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Building on the College's strengths in Sociology and Psychology, the Criminal Justice major will prepare students for employment in those social services and criminal justice sectors which directly support police and government law enforcement efforts.

The program will also prepare them for graduate work in these fields. The focus of the major will be to ensure that students understand the criminal justice system in the United States as it is related to class structure, race, ethnicity, and gender so that they will develop a more person-centered understanding of crime and law enforcement. Counseling skills, coupled with an understanding of individuals' behavior within families and groups in society, will ensure that students, as leaders in the community and as professionals, are prepared for respectful and effective interaction with citizens.

This focus on a person-centered orientation, rooted in the discipline of Sociology, also provides a strong foundation from which "action-oriented" ethics teaching can be provided. Our students, through both core and major courses, as well as in their Criminal Justice field experiences, will be exposed to and practice ethical reasoning and will work to gain an understanding of the perspective of others.

Our students receive extensive field experience through participation in at least one guided internship. This experience provides a more broad set of career options, including graduate education in fields such as criminal justice, law, social work or public administration.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

CIA Agent

Military Officer


Police Officer

US Marshall


Program Of Study (45 Credits)

Required Criminal Justice Core (30 credits)

CJ 111 Introduction to Criminal Justice

SO/CJ 121 Contemporary Social Problems

SO 218 Statistics

SO 219 Research Methods

SO/CJ 231 Deviance and Criminology

SO/CJ 232 Juvenile Delinquency

CJ 233 Corrections

CJ 235 Constitutional Criminal Law

CJ 237 Foundations of Criminal Law

SO/CJ 242 Minorities and Multicultural Diversity

Upper-Level Courses (9 credits)

CJ 380 Criminal Justice Internship (Senior Year)

SO/CJ 310 Sociology of Law and Social Control

CJ 391 Criminal Justice Senior Seminar: Ethics

Criminal Justice Electives (6 credits)

SO 111 Introduction to Sociology

CJ 234 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

CJ 236 The Death Penalty in America

SO/CJ 241 Urban Sociology

CJ 238 Criminal Evidence

CJ 239 National Security and Civil Liberty

CJ 240 Police Administration

CJ 255 Special Topics: Classes in forensics, police patrol, etc.

CJ 280 Criminal Justice Practicum

Students wishing to minor in criminal justice must take CJ 111 and any five other criminal justice classes