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AR-111-1Drawing I Coash3STUT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
AR-111-1Drawing I Wheeler3STUT TH  
AR-111-2Drawing I Wheeler3STUT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
AR-111-3Drawing I Lustenader3STUT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PM
AR-113-1Three-Dimensional Design Nevins3STUT TH  
AR-113-2Three-Dimensional Design Nevins3TUTM W  
AR-114-1Graphic Design I Nevins3STUT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PM
AR-114-1Graphic Design I Nevins3STUM W  
AR-122-1Two-Dimensional Design Nevins3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
AR-201-1Intro to Computer Art Nevins3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
AR-201-1Intro to Computer Art Nevins3LECT TH  
AR-211-1Drawing II Coash3STUT TH  AR-111
AR-213-1Color Lustenader3STUM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
AR-213-1Color Lustenader3STUM W  
AR-214-1Graphic Design II Nevins3STUT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMAR-114
AR-214-1Graphic Design II Nevins3STUM W  AR-114
AR-214-2Graphic Design II Nevins3TUTM W  AR-114
AR-231-1Introduction to Ceramics Nevins3STUM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
AR-231-1Introduction to Ceramics Nevins3STUT TH  
AR-231-2Introduction to Ceramics Nevins3TUTM W  
AR-232-1Ceramics II Nevins3STUM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PMAR-231
AR-232-1Ceramics II Nevins3STUT TH  AR-231
AR-235-1Introduction to Photography I Nevins3STUM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
AR-235-1Introduction to Photography I Nevins3STUT TH  
AR-236-1Photography II Nevins3STUM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMAR-235
AR-236-1Photography II Nevins3STUT TH  AR-235
AR-255-2Special Topics Nevins3STU  
AR-311-1Painting I Coash3STUM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMAR-111 AR-213
AR-311-1Painting I Coash3STUM W  AR-111 AR-213
AR-312-1Painting II Coash3STUM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMAR-311
AR-312-1Painting II Coash3STUM W  AR-311
AR-314-1Adv.Graphic Design I Nevins3STUT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMAR-214
AR-314-1Adv.Graphic Design I Nevins3STUM W  AR-214
AR-315-1Adv.Graphic Design II Nevins3STUT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMAR-314
AR-315-1Adv.Graphic Design II Nevins3STUM W  AR-314
AR-323-1Printmaking: Intaglio I Nevins3STUM W  
AR-331-1Advanced Ceramics I Nevins3STUM W  AR-231 AR-232
AR-331-1Advanced Ceramics I Nevins3STUT TH  AR-231 AR-232
AR-332-1Advanced Ceramics II Nevins3LECM W  AR-231 AR-232 AR-331
AR-332-1Advanced Ceramics II Nevins3STUT TH  AR-231 AR-232 AR-331
AR-335-1Digital Photography I Nevins3STUM W  
AR-336-1Digital Photography II Nevins3STUM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMAR-335
AR-336-1Digital Photography II Nevins3STUM W  AR-335
AR-337-1Advanced Photography I Nevins3STUM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMAR-235 AR-236
AR-337-1Advanced Photography I Nevins3STUT TH  AR-235 AR-236
AR-338-1Advanced Photography II Nevins3STUM W  AR-235 AR-236 AR-337
AR-338-1Advanced Photography II Nevins3STUT TH  AR-235 AR-236 AR-337
AR-355-1Special Topics in Art Coash3STU  
AR-355-1Special Topics in Art Coash3STUM W  
AR-355-2Special Topics in Art Coash3STUM W  
AR-355-2Special Topics in Art Coash3STUM W  
AR-355-3Special Topics in Art Coash2STU  
AR-355-3Special Topics in Art Nevins3STUM W  
AR-355-4Special Topics in Art Coash3STUT TH  
AR-355-5Special Topics in Art Nevins2.5STUM W  
AR-380-1Art Practicum Coash2PRA  
AR-380-1Art Practicum Nevins2PRAM W  
AR-380-2Art Practicum Nevins2PRA  
AR-380-2Art Practicum Coash2PRAT TH  
AR-380-3Art Practicum Nevins1.5PRAM W  
AR-390-1Special Problems in Art Coash1IND  
AR-390-1Special Problems in Art Nevins1STUM W  
AR-390-2Special Problems in Art Coash1STUT TH  
AR-391-1Senior Project Coash3LEC  
AR-391-1Senior Project Nevins3LECM W  
AR-391-2Senior Project Nevins3LEC  
AR-391-2Senior Project Coash3LECT TH  
AR-391-3Senior Project Coash4LECT TH  
Art History
AH-143-1Evolution of Art: Ideas and Practice Coash3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
AH-143-1Evolution of Art: Ideas and Practice Lustenader3LECT TH  
AH-231W-1History of Art II Lustenader3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
AH-232W-1Art History Survey III-A Staff3LECM W  
AH-351-1Special Topics in the History of Art Shaffer3LECT TH  
AH-351-1Special Topics in the History of Art Coash3LECM W  
AH-351W-1Spceial Topics: Coash3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
AH-354-1Museum and Curatorial Studies Shaffer3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
AH-390-1Special Problems in Art History Coash1IND  
AH-390-1Special Problems in Art History Coash1INDM W  
Art Management
AM-111-1Introduction to Art Management Nevins3TUTM W  
AM-315-1Grants and Fundraising Nevins3TUTM W  AM-111
AM-351-1Museum and Curatorial Studies Shaffer3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
Bio and Phys Sciences
SC-105-1Science Topics Pease3LECW 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
    BLF 2:30 PM 3:45 PM 
SC-105-1Science Topics Gilman3LECW  
SC-108-1Frontiers of Science Compagnone-Post3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
SC-108-1Frontiers of Science Compagnone-Post3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
SC-108-2Frontiers of Science Compagnone-Post3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
SC-108-2Frontiers of Science Compagnone-Post3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
SC-132-1General Physics II Mannino3LECM W  SC-131
SC-132L-1General Physics II Laboratory Mannino1LABW  
SC-201-1Science Writing Hon2LEC  
SC-302-1Practicum/Internship Barreuther1PRA  
SC-302-1Practicum/Internship Barreuther1PRAT  
SC-351-1Senior Science Seminar I Compagnone-Post1SEMT 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
SC-352-1Senior Science Seminar II Compagnone-Post1SEMT  SC-351
BI-111-1General Biology I Barreuther3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
BI-111-2General Biology I Chabu3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
BI-111L-1General Biology I Laboratory Barreuther1LABM 2:30 PM 5:30 PM
BI-111L-2General Biology I Laboratory Chabu1LABW 2:30 PM 5:30 PM
BI-112-1General Biology II Barreuther3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
BI-112L-1General Biology II Laboratory Barreuther1LABM 2:30 PM 5:30 PM
BI-112L-2General Biology II Laboratory Chabu1LABW  
BI-216-1Cell Biology Barreuther3LECW F 1:10 PM 2:25 PMBI-111
BI-216L-1Cell Biology Laboratory Barreuther1LABTH 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
BI-310-1Genetics Compagnone-Post3LECT TH  BI-111 BI-112
BI-310L-1Genetics Labroatory Compagnone-Post1LABTH  BI-111 BI-112
BI-313-1Human Physiology Barreuther3LECW F  BI-111 BI-112
BI-313L-1Human Physiology Laboratory Barreuther1LABTH  
Business and Economics
BE-135W-1Business Communications Staff3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
BE-135W-1Business Communications Davis3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
BE-161-1Financial Accounting Fallon3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
BE-161-2Financial Accounting Staff3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
BE-162-1Managerial Accounting Fallon3LECM W  BE-161
BE-162-1Managerial Accounting Schaffer3LECM W  BE-161
BE-162-2Managerial Accounting Staff3LECM W  BE-161
BE-162-2Managerial Accounting Fallon3LECM W  BE-161
BE-202-1Statistics for Business and Economics Gineo3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AMMA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
BE-202-1Statistics for Business and Economics Gineo3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:00 AMMA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
BE-202-2Statistics for Business and Economics Patsalides3LECT 3:00 PM 4:15 PMMA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
    BLTH 3:00 PM 4:15 PM 
BE-202-2Statistics for Business and Economics Patsalides3LECT  MA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
BE-204-1Principles of Macroeconomics Elias3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
BE-204-2Principles of Macroeconomics Elias3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:10 PM
BE-205-1Principles of Microeconomics Elias3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
BE-205-2Principles of Microeconomics Elias3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
BE-227-1The Stock Market Staff3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
BE-262-1Intermediate Accounting II Fallon3LECT TH  BE-261
BE-334-1Business Law Patsalides3LECTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
BE-334W-1Business Law Patsalides3LECTH 3:00 PM 4:15 PM
    BLT 3:00 PM 4:15 PM 
BE-361-1Federal Income Taxation for Individuals Fallon3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
BE-362-1Auditing Schaffer3LECT 9:55 AM 11:10 AMBE-262
    BLTH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM 
BE-380-1Accounting Internship Fallon3INT  
BE-380-1Accounting Internship Fallon3INTM W  
BE-380-2Accounting Internship Fallon2.5INT  
BE-381-1Finance Internship Fallon3INT  
BE-381-1Finance Internship Fallon3LECM W  
BE-390-1Independent Study Fallon1INDM W  
BE-390-2Independent Study Fallon1INDTH  
BE-391W-1Business Policy Seminar Munson3LECM  BE-135 BE-205 MG-131 MG-231
BE-391W-1Business Policy Seminar Munson3LECM 3:25 PM 5:25 PMBE-135 BE-205 MG-131 MG-231
BE-395-1Capstone:Computer Applications in Accou Schaffer3DLT TH  
BE-395-2Capstone:Computer Applications in Accou Fallon3TUT  
CH-121-1General Chemistry I Hon3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
CH-121L-1General Chemistry I Laboratory Hon1LABT 1:30 PM 4:30 PM
CH-121L-2General Chemistry I Laboratory Hon1LABW 1:30 PM 4:30 PM
CH-122-1General Chemistry II Hon3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AMCH-121
CH-122L-1General Chemistry Laboratory II Hon1LABT  CH-121 CH-121L
CH-122L-2General Chemistry Laboratory II Hon1LABW  CH-121 CH-121L
CH-221L-1Organic Chemistry I Laboratory Hon1LABT 9:00 AM 12:00 PMCH-121 CH-122
CH-221L-2Organic Chemistry I Laboratory Hon1LABM 1:30 PM 4:30 PMCH-121 CH-122
CH-221W-1Organic Chemistry I Hon3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AMCH-122
CH-222-1Organic Chemistry II Hon3LECM W F  CH-221
CH-222L-1Organic Chemistry II Laboratory Hon1LABT  CH-221L
CH-241-1Introduction to Alallytical Chemistry I Hon3LECM W F  CH-222 CH-222L
CH-241L-1Intro. Analytical Chem.I Lab Hon1LABM  CH-222 CH-222L
CH-242-1Introduction to Analytical Chemistry II Hon3LECM W F  CH-222 CH-222L CH-241
CH-242L-1Intro. to Analytical Chenistry II Lab Hon1LAB  CH-222 CH-222L CH-241
CH-324-1Biochemistry Compagnone-Post3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AMBI-111 BI-112 CH-221 CH-222
CH-324L-1Biochemistry Laboratory Compagnone-Post1LABTH 1:30 PM 4:30 PM
College Course
CC-113-1E-Portfolio Lab Dell1LECTH 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
CC-113-1E-Portfolio Lab DeLucia1LECTH  
CC-113-2E-Portfolio Lab Dell1LECTH 12:10 PM 1:10 PM
CC-113-2E-Portfolio Lab DeLucia1LECTH  
CC-213-1Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Frattini1LECW  
CC-213-2Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Atkins1LECW  
CC-213-3Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Garaventa1LECT 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
CC-213-4Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Garaventa1LECT  
CC-213-5Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Dell1LECTH 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
CC-213-6Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Dell1LECTH  
CC-213-7Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Dell1LECTH 12:10 PM 1:10 PM
CC-213-8Sophomore E-Portfolio Lab Garaventa1LECTH  
CC-270-1Explorations in Leadership Morrell1LECT  
CO-117-1Introduction to Theatre Martin3DLM W  
CO-121-1Communications Overview Waite3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
CO-121-1Communications Overview Waite3LECM W F  
CO-129-1Art/Space Management Nevins3LECTH  
CO-131-1The History of Mass Media Gallo3DLTH F  
CO-141-1Speech Communications Waite3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
CO-141-1Speech Communications Waite3LECT TH  
CO-151-1Writing for the Mass Media Martin3DL  
CO-171-1Introduction to Political Communications Gallo3DLTH F  
CO-202-1Sports Marketing and Promotion Wajnowski3LECT 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
    BLTH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM 
CO-203-1Sports Information and Media Wajnowski3LECTH 9:55 AM 11:00 AM
    BLT 9:55 AM 11:00 AM 
CO-220W-1Sociology of Communications Yeaman3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
CO-229-1Introduction to Digital Communications Verderame3LECT 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
    BLTH 8:30 AM 9:20 AM 
CO-229-1Introduction to Digital Communications Verderame3LECT 8:30 AM 9:45 AM
    BLTH 8:30 AM 9:45 AM 
CO-232-1Films of Alfred Hitchcock Waite3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
CO-233-1Films of Steven Spielberg Waite3LECM T W TH F 8:30 AM 5:30 PM
CO-237-1Photojournalism Waite3LECTH  
CO-242-1Electronic Field Production Dell3LECT  
CO-250-1Broadcast Writing Waite3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
CO-251-1Film and Video Production Dell3LECT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
CO-255-1Special Topics Martin3DLM W  
CO-260-1Advertising Techniques Waite3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
CO-261-1Public Relations Waite3LECM W F  
CO-301W-1Organizational Communications DeLucia3DL  
CO-301W-1Organizational Communications DeLucia3DLM W  
CO-326-1The Creative Mind Dell3LECTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
CO-341-1Film Appreciation Waite3LECTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
CO-362-1Persuasion and Propaganda Waite3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
CO-362-1Persuasion and Propaganda Waite3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
CO-380-1Internship Waite3INT  
CO-380-1Internship Waite1INTT TH  
CO-391-1Communications Seminar Gallo3DL  
CO-392-1Senior Portfolio DeLucia3DL  
CO-392-1Senior Portfolio DeLucia3LECM W  
CO-393-1Senior Thesis DeLucia3LEC  
CO-393-1Senior Thesis DeLucia3LECM W  
Computer Information Systems
CIS-115-1Computer Essentials Ford3LECTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
CIS-115-1Computer Essentials Concepcion3LECTH  
CIS-171-1Business Spreadsheet Development Ford3LECT  
CIS-252-1Special Topics Hubbard3DL  
CIS-252-1Special Topics Concepcion3LECTH  
CIS-252-2Special Topics Dawley3LECTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
CIS-252-2Special Topics Dawley3LECT  
CIS-276-1Systems Analysis and Design Scheneman3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
CIS-301W-1Technology and the Arts-C Hubbard3DL  
CIS-301W-1Technology and the Arts-C Hubbard3DLT TH  
CIS-301W-2Technology and the Arts-C Dell3DL  
CIS-301W-2Technology and the Arts-C Dell3DLT TH  
CIS-315-1Health Care and Information Systems Scipio3LECT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
CIS-330-1Ethical Issues in Computer Infor Systems Hubbard3DL  
CIS-330-1Ethical Issues in Computer Infor Systems Hubbard3DLT TH  
CIS-380-1Internship Hubbard3DL  
CIS-380-1Internship Hubbard3INT  
CIS-382-1Computer Networks Hubbard3DLT TH  
CIS-385-1Information Systems Security Dawley3LECTH  
CIS-387-1Electronic Commerce Ford3LECTH  
CIS-390-1Independent Study Hubbard1DL  
CIS-390-1Independent Study Ford3INDM W  
CIS-393W-1Senior Computer Project Hubbard3DL  
CIS-393W-1Senior Computer Project Hubbard3LECT TH  
Criminal Justice
CJ-111-1Introduction to Criminal Justice Geary3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
CJ-111-1Introduction to Criminal Justice Lawrie3LECT TH  
CJ-111-2Introduction to Criminal Justice Lawrie3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
CJ-121W-1Contemporary Social Problems Kendrick3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
CJ-121W-2Contemporary Social Problems Kendrick3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
CJ-231-1Deviance and Criminology Lawrie3LECT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMCJ-111
CJ-231-1Deviance and Criminology Kendrick3LECT TH  CJ-111
CJ-232-1Juvenile Delinquency Geary3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PMCJ-111
CJ-233-1Corrections Lawrie3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMCJ-111
CJ-234-1Contempory Issues in Criminal Justice Geary3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMCJ-111
CJ-234-1Contempory Issues in Criminal Justice Geary3LECM W  CJ-111
CJ-239-1National Security and Civil Liberty Geary3LECM W  
CJ-245-1Criminal Law and Procedure Geary3LECM W  
CJ-255-1Special Topics Aloia3DL  
CJ-255-1Special Topics Lawrie3LECT TH  
CJ-255-2Special Topics Aloia3DL  
CJ-255-2Special Topics Lawrie3LECT TH  
CJ-255-3Special Topics Aloia3DLM W  
CJ-255-4Special Topics Aloia3DLM W  
CJ-310-1Sociology of Law and Social Control Kendrick3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMCJ-111 or SO-111
CJ-380-1Criminal Justice Internship Geary3LEC  
CJ-380-1Criminal Justice Internship Geary3INTM W  
CJ-380-2Criminal Justice Internship Geary5INTM W  
CJ-390-1Independent Study Geary1INDM  
CJ-391-1Seniror Seminar:Ethics Geary3SEMF 10:00 AM 12:30 PMCJ-111
CJ-391-1Seniror Seminar:Ethics Geary3SEMF  CJ-111
DR-117-1Introduction to Theatre Martin3DLM W  
DR-326-1The Creative Mind-C Dell3LECTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
ED-170-1Health Education for Teachers LaChance2LECTH 6:30 PM 7:45 PM
    BLT 6:30 PM 7:45 PM 
ED-190W-1Orientation to the Schools Collicelli2LECT 8:00 AM 9:20 AM
ED-190W-1Orientation to the Schools Venditto2LECT 8:00 AM 9:20 AM
ED-212-1Histsory and Philosophy of Education Veth3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
ED-229-1Psych of the Exceptional Child Joy3LECM W  PY-111
ED-242-1Educational Psychology Tronsky3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMPY-111
ED-251-1Special Topics Venditto1LEC  
ED-251-1Special Topics Venditto1LECT TH  
ED-251-2Special Topics Venditto1IND  
ED-251-2Special Topics Venditto1INDT TH  
ED-251-3Special Topics Staff3LECT 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
    BLTH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM 
ED-251-3Special Topics Berhenke3LECTH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
    BLT 1:35 PM 2:50 PM 
ED-311-1Phil and Organization Middle Grades Educ Darcy3LECM  
ED-320-1Teaching Reading and Writing Across the Venditto3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
ED-321-1Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Venditto3LECT  
ED-322-1Technoological Applications in Classroom Garaventa2LECTH  
ED-330-1Child Psychology Berhenke3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMPY-111
ED-341-1Adolescent Psychology Berhenke3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMPY-111
ED-391-1Teaching Practicum Venditto3PRA  
ED-391-1Teaching Practicum Venditto3PRAT TH  
ED-392-1Student Teaching Drago6LECT 3:30 PM 5:00 PM
ED-392-1Student Teaching Drago6LECT  
EN-100-1Intro. to College English Pallanti3LECM W  
EN-106-1Written Expression I Frattini3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-106-1Written Expression I Pallanti3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-106-2Written Expression I Wallman3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-106-2Written Expression I Sillo3LECT TH 8:30 AM 9:45 AM
EN-106-3Written Expression I Wallman3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
EN-106-4Written Expression I DeVaull3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-106-5Written Expression I Landa3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-106-6Written Expression I DeVaull3LECM W 11:00 AM 2:25 PM
EN-106-7Written Expression I Schoeck3LECW F 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
EN-107-1Written Expression II Landa3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMEN-106
EN-107-1Written Expression II Cole3LECT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMEN-106
EN-107-2Written Expression II Sillo3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AMEN-106
EN-107-2Written Expression II Robichaud3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMEN-106
EN-107-3Written Expression II Landa3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMEN-106
EN-107-4Written Expression II DeVaull3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMEN-106
EN-107-5Written Expression II Timlin3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMEN-106
EN-107-6Written Expression II DeVaull3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMEN-106
EN-107-7Written Expression II Sillo3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AMEN-106
EN-108-1Reading for Life Pallanti1LECM W  
EN-108-2Reading for Life Pallanti1LECM W 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
EN-143-1Introduction to Creative Writing Wallman3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
EN-155W-1Hon-Writing for the Humanities Frattini1LECW 1:10 PM 2:00 PM
EN-220W-1The Short Story-B Schoeck3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
EN-225-1Mstpcs of American Literature I Robichaud3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
EN-228-1Mstwks.of British Lit.II Cole3LECM W  
EN-244A-1Creative Wrtg. Poetry/Fiction Cole3LECM W 4:00 PM 5:15 PM
EN-244B-1Creative Wrtg. Poetry/Fiction Cole3LECM W 4:00 PM 5:15 PM
EN-250-1Special Studies in Literature Atkins3LECT  
EN-251-1Young Adult Literature Landa3LECM W  
EN-283-1Shakespeare I Cole3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
EN-317W-1Literary Theory and Criticism Robichaud3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
EN-337W-1Modern Poetry Robichaud3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
EN-343A-1Seminar in Poetry Writing I Cole3SEMM W  EN-244A EN-244B
EN-343B-1Seminar in Poetry Writing II Cole3LECM W  EN-244A EN-244B
EN-344A-1Seminar in Fiction Writing Wallman3SEMT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
EN-344B-1Seminar in Fiction Writing Wallman3SEMT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
EN-360-1Literature of Love Cole3LECT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PM
EN-361-1Literature of the Immigrant Frattini3LECM W  
EN-380-1Internship Staff3INT  
EN-391-1Sen. Sem. in Brit. and Amer. Lit. Cole3SEMT  
EN-393-1Seminar in Dramatic Literature Cole3SEMT 5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Foreign Languages
FL-111I-1Elementary Italian I Corraro3LECM W  
FL-111I-1Elementary Italian I Corraro3LECM W  
FL-111L-1Elementary Latin I Dargan3LECM W F  
FL-111S-1Elementary Spanish I Atkins3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
FL-112I-1Elementary Italian II Corraro3LECM W  FL-111I
FL-112I-1Elementary Italian II Corraro3LECM W  FL-111I
FL-112L-1Elementary Latin II Dargan3LECM W F  FL-111L
FL-112S-1Elementary Spanish II Atkins3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AMFL-111S
FL-211S-1Intermediate Spanish I Atkins3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AMFL-111S FL-112S
FL-212S-1Intermediate Spanish II Atkins3LECM W F  FL-111S FL-112S
FL-230S-1Adv.Span.Conversation and Composition Atkins3LECT 9:55 AM 11:10 AMFL-211S FL-212S
    BLTH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM 
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DL  
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DL  
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DL  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DL  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-250-1Special Topics Sylvester3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
FL-250-1Special Topics Sylvester3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
FL-250-2Special Topics Sylvester3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
FL-250-2Special Topics Sylvester3LECM W  
FL-250-3Special Topics Diamantis3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
FL-250-3Special Topics Diamantis3LECM W  
FL-253S-1 Topics Atkins3DL  
FL-290S-1Independent Study Atkins1INDT 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
FL-290S-2Independent Study Sylvester1  
FL-341S-1Major Latin American Writers Atkins3LECT  FL-299S
FL-341S-2Major Latin American Writers Atkins3LECT  FL-299S
FL-354S-1Specialtopics in Hispanic Literature Atkins3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
FL-354SW-1Special Topics: Atkins3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
Global Studies
GL-111-1Introduction to Global Studies Bourgeois3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
GL-211-1Cultural Anthropology Zavatone-Veth3LECT TH  
GL-211-2Cultural Anthropology Zavatone-Veth3LEC  
GL-217-1Human Rights in Latin America Bourgeois3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
GL-255-1Special Topics Coash3LECM W  
GL-255-2Special Topics Zavatone-Veth3LECT  
GL-255W-1Sp.Tpc Coash3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
GL-323-1Islam and the West Bourgeois3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
GL-330-1Portfolio Bourgeois1LECF  
GL-391-1Senior Thesis Bourgeois3LECF  
History and Political Science
HI-111-1Western Civilization I Jorgensen3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
HI-111-2Western Civilization I Jorgensen3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
HI-112-1Western Civilization II Imholt3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
HI-112-2Western Civilization II Imholt3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
HI-121-1United States History I Imholt3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
HI-122-1United States History II Rogers3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
HI-304-1History through Biography Jorgensen3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HI-320-1History of Colonial America Imholt3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HI-321W-1American Revolution-C Imholt3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HI-343-1Imagining Heaven and Hell Imholt3LECM W  
HI-343W-1Imaginin Heaven and Hell Imholt3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HI-344-1Slavery in the Atlantic World Imholt3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
HI-390-1Independent Study Imholt3INDT TH  
HU-101-1Introduction to College Life DeLucia1LECT 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
HU-101-1Introduction to College Life Brushett1LECTH 1:35 PM 2:35 PM
HU-101-1Introduction to College Life DeLucia1LECTH 1:35 PM 2:35 PM
HU-101-2Introduction to College Life Brushett1LECT  
HU-101-3Introduction to College Life DeLucia1LECT 12:00 PM 1:10 PM
HU-101-4Introduction to College Life Brushett1LECT  
HU-101-5Introduction to College Life Brushett1LECTH  
HU-101-6Introduction to College Life Brushett3LECT TH  
HU-101-7Introduction to College Life DeLucia3LECT TH 10:00 AM 11:00 AM
HU-111-1Reading Texts in Context I Frattini3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-111W-1Reading Texts in Context I Dargan3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
HU-111W-1Reading Texts in Context I Frattini3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
HU-112-1Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
HU-112-1Reading Texts in Context II Dargan3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:20 AM
HU-112W-1Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
HU-113W-1Invitation to Insight I Jorgensen3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-113W-2Invitation to Insight I Bourgeois3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-113W-3Invitation to Insight I Edwards3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-113W-4Invitation to Insight I Edwards3LECT TH  
HU-113W-5Invitation to Insight I Schoeck3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-113W-6Invitation to Insight I Coffey3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-113W-7Invitation to Insight I Schoeck3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-113W-8Invitation to Insight I Veth3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-113W-9Invitation to Insight I Frattini3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-114W-1Invitation to Insght II Schoeck3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-114W-10Invitation to Insght II Schoeck3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-114W-2Invitation to Insght II Bourgeois3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-114W-3Invitation to Insght II Edwards3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-114W-4Invitation to Insght II Edwards3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-114W-5Invitation to Insght II Frattini3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-114W-6Invitation to Insght II Coffey3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-114W-8Invitation to Insght II Veth3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
HU-114W-9Invitation to Insght II Frattini3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
HU-399-1Senior Humanities Seminar Waggoner3SEMT 3:25 PM 5:25 PM
HU-399-1Senior Humanities Seminar Waggoner3SEMT 3:25 PM 5:25 PM
HU-399-2Senior Humanities Seminar Veth3SEMW 1:10 PM 3:10 PM
HU-399-2Senior Humanities Seminar Veth3SEMW 1:10 PM 3:10 PM
HU-399-3Senior Humanities Seminar Coffey3SEMTH 3:25 PM 5:25 PM
HU-399-3Senior Humanities Seminar Coffey3SEMTH 3:35 PM 5:25 PM
HU-399-4Senior Humanities Seminar Waggoner3SEMT 5:30 PM 7:30 PM
HU-399-5Senior Humanities Seminar Veth3SEMW 5:30 PM 7:30 PM
HU-399-6Senior Humanities Seminar Bourgeois3SEMTH 5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Liberal Studies
LS-210-1Aquinas Program Project I Waggoner3  
LS-210-1Aquinas Program Project I Staff3LEC  
LS-211-1Aquinas Program Project II Waggoner3LECT TH  
LS-310-1Aquinas Program Project III Waggoner3  
LS-310-1Aquinas Program Project III Staff3LEC  
LS-311-1Aquinas Program Project IV Imholt3LECT TH  
LS-320-1Aquinas Program Project V Waggoner3  
LS-320-1Aquinas Program Project V Staff3LEC  
LS-330-1Aquinas Program Project -Vi?Aquinas Program Project - Vi Imholt3LECT TH  
MG-131-1Principles of Management Munson3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
MG-131-2Principles of Management Aniskovich3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
MG-228-1International Business Management Munson3LECM 1:10 PM 2:25 PMMG-131
    BLW 1:10 PM 2:25 PM 
MG-228-2International Business Management Munson3DLM W  MG-131
MG-231-1Principles of Marketing Munson3LECT TH  
MG-231-2Principles of Marketing Munson3LECT TH  
MG-235-1Health Care Management Elias3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMBE-131 or MG-131
MG-235-1Health Care Management Elias3LECM W  BE-131 or MG-131
MG-270-1Moral Leadership:defining Character Davis3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMMG-131
MG-362-1Human Resource Management Munson3LECM 2:30 PM 3:45 PMMG-131
    BLW 2:30 PM 3:45 PM 
MG-365-1Issues of Small and Family Business Munson3LECM 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
    BLW 1:10 PM 2:25 PM 
MG-380-1Internship Munson3INT  
MG-380-1Internship Munson3LECM W  
MG-380-2Internship Munson2INTM W  
MG-391W-1Business Policy Seminar Munson3SEMM 3:25 PM 5:25 PM
MA-100-1Introduction to College Math Bruce3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
MA-100-1Introduction to College Math Miller3LECM W F  
MA-111-1Mathematical Ideas Case3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
MA-111-1Mathematical Ideas Case3LECM W F 8:30 AM 9:20 AM
MA-111-2Mathematical Ideas Krause3LECM W F 9:25 AM 10:15 AM
MA-111-2Mathematical Ideas Krause3LECM W F  
MA-111-3Mathematical Ideas Krause3LECM W F 1:10 PM 2:00 PM
MA-111-3Mathematical Ideas Krause3LECM W F 1:10 PM 2:00 PM
MA-116-1College Mathematics Miller3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
MA-120-1Pre-Calculus Miller3LECM W  
MA-121-1Calculus With Analytic Geometry I Case4LECM W F 10:45 AM 12:00 PMMA-120
MA-122-1Calculus With Analytical Geometry II Case4LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AMMA-121
MA-215-1Differential Equations Case3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMMA-122
MA-215-1Differential Equations Case3IND  MA-122
MA-230-1History of Mathematics Miller3DLM  3 credits From courses MA-100 MA-116 MA-121 MA-120
MA-242-1Linear Optimization Case3LECM W  MA-233
MA-345-1Probability Case3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AMMA-120
MA-391-1Senior Seminar Case3SEMM W  MA-122 MA-233
MU-111-1Introduction to Music Hawkshaw3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
MU-112-1Fundamentals of Music Hawkshaw3LECT TH  
MU-251-1Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-1Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-2Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-2Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-3Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-3Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-4Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-251-4Madrigals Bellucci1LECT TH  
MU-255-1Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 4:50 PM
MU-255-1Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 5:20 PM
MU-255-2Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 4:50 PM
MU-255-2Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 5:20 PM
MU-255-3Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 5:50 PM
MU-255-3Special Tpcs: Bellucci1LECT TH 4:20 PM 5:20 PM
MU-390-1Independent Study Bellucci1INDTH  
PH-211-1Ethics Waggoner3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
PH-211-2Ethics Waggoner3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
PH-220-1Intro to Western Philosophy Lawrence3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
PH-225-1Contemporary Philosophy Waggoner3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
PH-240-1Modernism and Post-Modernism Waggoner3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
PH-261-1Social and Political Philosophy Waggoner3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
PH-331-1Philosophy of the Human Being Lawrence3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
PH-352-1Peace, Justice and Global Issues Waggoner3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
Physical Education
PE-96-1Electives Wajnowski0.5LEC  
PE-96-2Electives Wajnowski0.5LEC  
PE-96DD-1Weight Training Wajnowski0.5LEC  
PE-96DD-1Weight Training Wajnowski0.5LECT TH  
PE-96DD-2Weight Training Wajnowski0.5LECT TH  
PE-96V-1Swim to Be Fit I Wajnowski0.5LEC  
PE-96V-1Swim to Be Fit I Wajnowski0.5LECT TH  
PE-96VV-1Swim to Be Fit II Wajnowski0.5LEC  
PE-96VV-1Swim to Be Fit II Wajnowski0.5LECT TH  
Political Science
PO-111-1World Politics Edwards3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
PO-112-1American Politics and Government Edwards3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
PO-257-1International Relations Edwards3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
PO-273W-1Classical Political Theory Imholt3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
PO-342-1Nationalism Edwards3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:10 PM
PO-343W-1Imagining Heaven and Hell Imholt3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
PY-111-1Introduction to Psychology Tronsky3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
PY-111-1Introduction to Psychology Tronsky3LECT TH  
PY-111-2Introduction to Psychology Berhenke3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
PY-111-2Introduction to Psychology Tronsky3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
PY-111-3Introduction to Psychology Evarts3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
PY-132-1Devlopment of Play in Childhood Berhenke1.5LECM 3:15 PM 4:30 PMPY-111
PY-133-1Reasoning and Numeracy in Childhood Tronsky1.5LECW 3:15 PM 4:30 PMPY-111
PY-210-1Behavior Modification Evarts3LECM W  PY-111
PY-211-1Abnormal Psychology Evarts3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMPY-111
PY-213-1Counseling Techniques Pepper3LECT TH  PY-111 PY-211
PY-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Speicher3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
PY-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Speicher3LECT TH  MA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
PY-218-2Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Speicher3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
PY-218-2Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Speicher3LECT TH  MA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
PY-222-1Learning Tronsky3LECW 1:10 PM 3:10 PMPY-111
PY-229-1Psychology of the Exceptional Child Joy3LECM W  PY-111 PY-330 or PY-211
PY-234-1Brain and Behavior Wickham3LECM W 5:30 PM 7:30 PMPY-111
PY-237-1Cognitive Psychology Tronsky3LECW  PY-111
PY-242-1Educational Psychology Tronsky3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMPY-111
PY-251-1Special Topics in Psychology Berhenke1LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMPY-111
PY-251-2Special Topics in Psychology Venditto3LEC  PY-111
PY-251-3Special Topics in Psychology Berhenke3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMPY-111
PY-280-1Practicum (all Concentrations) Evarts3PRA  
PY-280-1Practicum (all Concentrations) Evarts3PRAM W  
PY-280-1Practicum (all Concentrations) Joy3PRAM W  
PY-280-2Practicum (all Concentrations) Joy1.5PRAM W  
PY-280-3Practicum (all Concentrations) Joy3PRAM W  
PY-280-4Practicum (all Concentrations) Joy1PRAT  
PY-312-1Psychotherapy Joy3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AMPY-111 PY-211
PY-321W-1Personality Joy3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMPY-111
PY-323W-1Social Psychology Speicher3LECM 1:10 PM 3:10 PMPY-111
PY-325W-1Experimental Methods and Research Design Speicher3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMPY-111 PY-218
PY-330-1Child Psychology Berhenke3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PMPY-111
PY-340-1Psychological Assessment Smaller3LECF 9:40 AM 12:00 PMPY-218
PY-341-1Adolescent Psychology Berhenke3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMPY-111
PY-371-1Introduction to Art Therapy More3LECT TH 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111 PY-211 or PY-321
PY-380-1Internship Evarts6INT  PY-280
PY-380-1Internship Evarts6INTM W  PY-280
PY-380-1Internship Joy6INTM W  PY-280
PY-380-2Internship Evarts9INT  PY-280
PY-380-2Internship Evarts9INTM W  PY-280
PY-380-2Internship Joy9INTM W  PY-280
PY-380-3Internship Joy3INTM W  PY-280
Religious Studies and Philosophy
RS-211-1Intro.to Variety of ChristianExperienc Coffey3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PM
RS-221-1Intro. to World Religions Coffey3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:35 AM
RS-271-1Christology Lawrence3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
RS-284-1Religion and Nature Hodel3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
RS-284-1Religion and Nature Hodel3LECM W 1:10 PM 2:25 PM
RS-323-1Islam and the West Bourgeois3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
RS-351-1Selected Topics Coffey3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
RS-351-1Selected Topics Lawrence3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AM
RS-373-1Question of God in Mod. World  Bourgeois3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
RS-373-1Question of God in Mod. World  Coffey3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
SO-111-1Introduction to Sociology Yeaman3LECT TH 8:30 AM 9:45 AM
SO-111-1Introduction to Sociology Yeaman3LECT TH  
SO-111-2Introduction to Sociology Yeaman3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
SO-111-2Introduction to Sociology Yeaman3LECT TH  
SO-121W-1Contemporary Social Problems Kendrick3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
SO-121W-2Contemporary Social Problems Kendrick3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
SO-211-1Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Zavatone-Veth3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:35 PM
SO-211-2Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Zavatone-Veth3LEC  
SO-212-1Social Work: History and Practice Yeaman3LECT TH  
SO-217-1Human Rights in Latin America Bourgeois3LECM W 2:30 PM 3:45 PM
SO-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Science Speicher3LECT TH 12:10 PM 1:25 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
SO-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Science Speicher3LECT TH  MA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
SO-218-2Statistics for Behavioral Science Speicher3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
SO-218-2Statistics for Behavioral Science Speicher3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
SO-219-1Research Methods Yeaman3LECT TH 9:55 AM 11:10 AMSO-111
SO-219-1Research Methods Yeaman3TUTT TH  SO-111
SO-220W-1Sociology of Communications Yeaman3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
SO-225-1Sociology of Sport Brown3DL  
SO-230-1Technology., Society and the Individual Dell3LECT 12:10 PM 1:25 PM
    BLTH 12:10 PM 1:25 PM 
SO-231-1Deviance and Criminology Lawrie3LECT TH 3:00 PM 4:15 PMCJ-111 or SO-111
SO-231-1Deviance and Criminology Kendrick3LECT TH  CJ-111 or SO-111
SO-233-1Corrections Staff3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PMCJ-111 or SO-111
SO-242W-1Minorities Yeaman3LECT TH 1:35 PM 2:50 PM
SO-255-1Special Topics Kendrick3LECT TH  
SO-255-2Special Topics Zavatone-Veth3LECT  
SO-280-1Practicum Yeaman3PRAT TH  SO-111
SO-310-1Sociology of Law and Social Control Kendrick3LECM W 10:45 AM 12:00 PMCJ-111 or SO-111
SO-371-1Classical Sociological Theory Kendrick3LECM W 9:25 AM 10:40 AM
SO-372-1Contemporary Sociological Theory Kendrick3LECM W F 10:45 AM 11:30 AM
SO-380-1Internship Yeaman3INT  SO-111
SO-380-1Internship Yeaman3INTT TH  SO-111
SO-380-2Internship Yeaman11.5INT  SO-111
SO-380-2Internship Kendrick3INDT  SO-111
SO-380-3Internship Yeaman3INT  SO-111
SO-380-4Internship Yeaman5INT  SO-111
SO-380-5Internship Yeaman4INT  SO-111
SO-380-6Internship Yeaman3INT  SO-111
SO-390-1Independent Study Kendrick3INDM W  
SO-390-2Independent Study Kendrick2.5INDT  
SO-391-1Senior Seminar-Capstone Course Kendrick3SEMW  
Sports Management
SM-140-1Introduction to Sport Management Davis3LECM W  
SM-301-1Ethics in Sport Management DeCarli3LECT 8:30 AM 9:45 AM
    BLTH 8:30 AM 9:45 AM 
SM-303-1Sport Venue and Event Management DeCarli3LECT  
SM-304-1Sport Finance McGrath3LECTH  
SM-381-1Sport Management Internship Fallon3INT  
SM-381-1Sport Management Internship Munson3LECM W