Course: Contemporary Philosophy (PH-225-1) 

If the modern period was one of optimism in which people came to believe that through the use of reason and the advances of science it would be possible to build a better world, the postmodern age is one in which such dreams are viewed with skepticism. On the other hand, we find in postmodernity an invitation to think differently and to thereby discover new ways of being in the world and with one another. This course provides an opportunity to explore these new paths of thinking by drawing upon the works of such 19th and 20th century thinkers as Nietzsche, Marx, Kuhn, Heidegger, Foucault, Butler, and Irigaray, thinkers who encourage us to reappraise human beings' relation to themselves, nature, society, and the divine. P: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor. General Education choice for Part B. Generally offered in alternate years. 3 credits









5:30 PM 7:50 PM
5:30 PM 7:50 PM

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