Course: Psych of the Exceptional Child (ED-229-1) 

Not all children develop along 'typical' lines. For some, cognitive andor social-emotional development differs sharply from what is considered normative. This course concerns the psychology of such children, especially insofar as their differences may produce problems in living (e.g., academic failure or social stigmatization). Assessment and diagnostic procedures (e.g., psychological tests) as well as intervention strategies (e.g., behavior modification) will be covered. Specific language and academic skills disorders, autistic-spectrum disorders, mental retardation, selected medical conditions, disruptive behavior disorders, 'internalizing' disorders (e.g., separation anxiety), and the consequences of neglect and abuse will be considered. Some attention also will be paid to the issues raised by giftedness and special talents. In addition to describing the various disorders clinically and phenomenologically, we will try to understand their origins, nature, and developmental implications, and how they can be recognized and effectively addressed in specialized settings (e.g., clinics), in regular classrooms, and in the home. This course includes a fifteen-hour field experience. Offered annually. P: PY 111. 3 credits









9:25 AM 10:40 AM


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