Course: Internship Seminar (AT-580-1) 

The internship placement will provide students with the hands-on training necessary to gain the basic professional skills of an art therapist. Eight credits of internship, 625 hours of placement time, are required, and can be completed over three to four semesters. A minimum of 312.5 of the total placement hours needs to be in direct clinical contact using art therapy with individuals, groups, or families. Internship placements will be offered in a variety of settings. A minimum of 63 of the total placement hours needs to be supervision hours. In addition to the supervised hours spent at the placement site, students will meet weekly with an on-campus supervision group to review and process the internship experience. Departmental permission is also required. 8 credits

*Please note: Non-matriculated Students must obtain the permission of the program director









M 5:30 PM 9:50 PM

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