Jessica Bentley '13

Jessica Bentley ‘13
Major: English/ Certification in Secondary English Education
Hometown: New London, CT
High School: Saint Bernard High School
Resident in Dominican Hall

“I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten,” says Jessica. “When I met with my guidance counselor, we decided that Albertus Magnus was a great fit.

Jessica knew exactly what she was looking for in a college. “Besides the obviously beautiful campus, it was really important for me to attend a college where I could get to know my professors and my classmates,” she says. “I truly enjoy the academic environment here. The small environment is perfect for my learning style.”

Jessica had an English class with Dr. Cole that required an in-class presentation. “Dr. Cole called me after I did the presentation to tell me how much she enjoyed it. It made me feel accomplished and proud of my work,” she says.

Jessica’s favorite class was Orientation to Schools that she took during her first year. “I had the opportunity to go into a local classroom and observe the teacher’s methods and her interaction with the students.”

Outside of class, Jessica has emerged as one of Albertus Magnus College’s student leaders. “I have a great connection to the campus life here,” she says. “I work on my photography when I have free time. I am also the Historian and Secretary of the Student Government Association and help plan and organize events on campus.” Jessica also plans to be a Resident Assistant in Dominican Hall this year.

“There is just such a great community feel here,” she says. “I wouldn’t change a thing. I like our small community.”