Darryl Arnold '13

Darryl Arnold ‘13
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: New Haven, CT
High School: Wilbur Cross High School

“Even though some people go to school for the ‘college life’, Albertus is more than just fun; it’s a place where you can be comfortable, be relaxed and be yourself.”

Darryl Arnold, a senior and commuter, found Albertus to be a perfect combination of education and community. On Darryl’s very first day on the campus, even before he officially became an enrolled freshman, Darryl remembers how there were numerous staff and students approaching him and asking if he needed help.

From that moment on, Darryl has divided his time between visiting his loved ones, working full-time, volunteering to help his friends in Albertus’ Student Government Association, and staying dedicated to his studies.

When asked to pick his favorite Professor, Darryl responded with, “How can I pick just one?” For Darryl, he found support in all of his teachers during his Albertus career. However, upon debating the question, Darryl finally came up with a tie.“I have to say Professor Frattini is one of my favorite professors; I had her my freshman year. I came out of high school with a not-so-great attitude about school, but when I met Professor Frattini, she changed my attitude. I couldn’t wait to go to her classes!

I would also have to say Professor Raynor is also on my list of favorite faculty members. Professor Raynor prepares us for what may happen in the future and he does not hold back. He also gets to know his students so well that he can do a little out-of-the-box teaching, which is definitely refreshing.”

With graduation quickly approaching, Darryl has one goal in mind: to be successful, but his success is not solely for himself. “I want success not only for myself, but also for my parents. I want my parents to be able to experience all the things they couldn’t while helping put me through college.”

With a strong education behind him, and the support of his family and teachers, Darryl is confident that he will ultimately attain the success he is striving for.