Casey Ellis '12

Casey Ellis ‘12
Major: English
Hometown: Malden, MA
High School: Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
Resident in Siena Hall

“Okay, so sometimes I’m occasionally late for appointments. It happens, right? I’m only human,” confessed Casey Ellis, a senior at Albertus Magnus College. “If I remember correctly, I was almost an hour late to my Albertus tour. Not only did my tour guide wait for me and my family to show up, but he was extremely understanding, patient, and informative.”

Enthralled by the small size and personal feeling of the college, Casey felt immediately at home, and she was still just a visitor! Even as a current student, Casey is happy to be a part of the Albertus family. “Coming from a small high school, I had no trouble feeling comfortable within the college community. Albertus Magnus, though modest in size, still has plenty to offer. It’s a nice balance.”

Despite Albertus’ small size, Casey still found herself with plenty to do: she is involved in several activities, such as Breakwater: an Albertus literary magazine, the English Club’s Spring Outdoor Performances, as well as the Writing Center. All of these activities allow her to gain experience in the English and Publication realms.

Choosing to become an English Major was quite easy for Casey; she has always loved literature, and with the support of the Albertus Magnus English Staff, it made her decision that much easier.

When asked to pick a favorite Professor, Casey found this to be an impossible task, “Picking just one feels like betrayal. They’re all fantastic and supportive. I suppose it comes with the territory; small schools tend to breed very dedicated teachers. But when it comes to the English teachers, I feel very lucky.”

With Graduation quickly approaching for Casey, although she is nervous, she is confident about the many opportunities her English education will open up for her. “I may consider a job involving publication, or I may give teaching a try. Regardless of where I end up, my first priority is to enjoy my final year as an Albertus student.”