Pedro Suncar

Pedro Suncar

Your life at Albertus Magnus College is really what you make of it — and you can make quite a lot. That’s what you’re likely to hear from Pedro Suncar ’11, a psychology major from Providence, Rhode Island by way of the Dominican Republic who is concentrating in child development/mental health.

After spending his freshman year “pretty much as a caveman,” Pedro realized he wanted more from his college experience. He’s been engaged in classes and involved in activities ever since, even serving as a resident assistant. “I live in one of the mansions because I like the quiet, homey feel.”

Since his freshman year, Pedro has made lots of friends among the close-knit residential students in the Albertus community. Between classes, you’ll find him hanging out in one of the Aquinas Hall lounges. “When I turned 19, my friends surprised me with a birthday party and cake — they invited my parents, too. I couldn’t believe my friends had been in touch with my parents, planning everything to get them here for a visit, and I didn’t have a clue about it. It was great that everyone did so much to create a fantastic celebration for me.”

Originally considering a business degree, Pedro chose child development “because I always wanted to be a teacher and I love working with children. I have lots of nieces and nephews and we have a great time together.” Pedro also likes the variety of daily activities involved in teaching, and he’s fascinated with how and why people think and act as they do. “I may go into business some time in the future. But being involved in education is where I want to be right now.”

The clear expectations and unique teaching style of psychology professor Dr. Loel Tronsky make him one of Pedro’s favorites. “Dr. Tronsky is able to make very complex ideas understandable so I’m able to apply them properly. I’ve learned about motivation and the role cognitive psychology has on motivation. His class format is easy to follow, which helps me understand what’s expected for me to succeed.”

Although Pedro acknowledges the amount of work and her “strict” teaching style, he enjoyed taking English with Professor Elise Martucci. “I use a lot of what she taught us every day because we’re always writing something for every class at Albertus. Because Professor Martucci wanted us to learn the details of good writing, we revised our papers many times with her feedback. It was tough, but it taught me a lot.”

As a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Pedro is very involved in community service. Each summer, he returns to his Providence high school to work as an advisor for a group of 15-16 students who are new to the school and need orientation. Now that he has many years of experience there, Pedro also provides orientation for incoming teachers and helps recruit new students to the school.

His experience with Albertus regarding the Gates Scholarship and financial aid cemented Pedro’s choice to attend AMC. “Andrew Foster in Financial Aid at Albertus was very helpful when I talked with him about needing to know what I could expect for aid so I could complete the Gates Scholarship application. It was clear Albertus wanted me to attend.”

Pedro also recognizes that the academic advisors at Albertus are here to “help you take the foundational classes that prepare you for whatever major you choose. Pay attention to what they say because they know what they’re doing.”

Pedro Suncar