Bachelor of Science in Pre-Law

Albertus students interested in the legal profession are assigned to the pre-law academic advisor. Law covers all facets of human activity and the lawyer must be a person with a wide range of interests and a broad base of knowledge. There are no college courses specified by law schools as entrance requirements. Instead, law schools recommend the candidates for entrance prepare themselves in the following ways:

  1. By taking several courses which train the mind to think logically and accurately and develop a concern for precision; such courses include foreign language, grammar, logic, and philosophy.
  2. By acquiring an excellent command of the English language and writing skills.
  3. By developing an understanding of human institutions, how they function, and how they change. Introductory and advanced courses in history and political science will prepare students in this area.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

Pre-Law Advising

Tax Director


Compliance Manager, Assistant Vice President

Senior Attorney

Industrial Relations Specialist

Program Of Study (45 credits)

Recommended Courses:

BE 334 Business Law

CJ 345 Criminal Law and Procedure

CJ 255 Criminal Evidence

CJ 391 Ethics

PO 122 American Government

PO 231 Constitutional Law

Students interested in law are urged to consult with the special pre-law advisor frequently during their undergraduate careers at the College in order to develop programs tailored to individual needs, abilities, and interests. The pre-law student should be involved as soon as possible in an undergraduate program that is intellectually challenging and requires rigorous academic discipline.