Academic Honors For Albertus Graduates

Kappa Gamma Pi

Inclusion in Kappa Gamma Pi, the national Catholic college graduate honor society founded in 1926, is awarded to graduates who are in the top ten percent of their class and have demonstrated academic excellence and service leadership during their college years. Members pledge to continue to uphold the highest standards of scholarship, leadership and service in their personal and professional lives.

Undergraduate Students

Jessica Bentley
William Borden
Nicholas Conte
Gina D’Agostino
Alexandria Dudley
Toya Hammond-Rivers
Tammy Lee Hanna
Catherine Hesbach
Nicole Jackson
Suzette Monica Johnson
Holly Krock
Daniel Laffin
Sara Mancini
Wendy Memmott
Olivia Palmer
Joyce Poole
Debra Reynolds
Lysie Rodriguez
Danielle Teresa Serio
Terry Watkins

Graduate Students

Mary Ann Agostini
Greg Basmajian
Keren Clarizio
Ricky Daigle
Christopher Fraenza
Ethel Harris
Dianna Hoyt
Bette Isacoff
Jeanine Morgillo
Shagunna Renee Muse
Rachel Nashett
Mirna Neves
Monica O’Connor
Mark Reiter
Francine Smith
Christina Umlauf
Gwendolyn Whitaker

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Alpha Sigma Lambda is the national honor society for non-traditional students in the Division of Accelerated Degree Programs. Students who are honored have achieved and maintained outstanding scholastic standards and leadership characteristics while handling additional responsibilities of work and families.

Jaime Badillo
Carol Barnabei
Cullen Burnell
Tracey Carpenter
Joseph DeCaprio
Heather Demaio
Jason Esch
Jenna Ficano
Toya Hammond-Rivers
Tammy Hanna
Catherine Hesbach
Eric Katz
Ellen Keyes
Dhimitrulla Kollchaku
Charles Lankford
Ronald Lipkins
Terrence McClain
James McLuckie
Casey Meehan
Wendy Memmott
Scott Murphy
Susan Murphy
James Ormrod
Marc Russell
Michael Sansone
Donna Scafariello
Justin Smith
Alicia Thiede
Andre Turner
Raven Turquoise-Moon
Lindsey Vernon
Maria Warren
Katherine Weeden
Elizabeth Young

Alpha Phi Sigma

The national criminal justice honor society recognizes scholarly achievement in the field of criminal justice.

Abriel Andrade
Jacqueline Blake
Toya Hammond-Rivers
James McLuckie

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges

Selection of national outstanding campus leaders for Who’s Who is based on academic achievement, service to the community, participation and leadership in extra-curricular activities and future leadership and/or potential.

Undergraduate Students

Dawn David-Langston
Danny Dolphin
Tammy Lee Hanna
Catherine Hesbach
James McLuckie
Lisa McMahon
Shagunna Renee Muse
Corinne Parrotti
Debra Reynolds
Andrea Salemme
John Snow
Mary Spodnik

Graduate Students

Mary Berger
Ricky Daigle
Ethel Harris
Joanne Prete
Jessica Vigliotti
Bette Isacoff

Honors Program

The Honors Program offers participating students the opportunity to enroll in designated honors courses and to develop individual projects designed in consultation with faculty mentors. To graduate from the Honors Program, a student must have a minimum cumulative 3.7 G.P.A.

Gina D’Agostino
Emily Matousek
Alexandria Dudley

Class Marshals

Albertus Magnus College recognizes the academic achievements of its three participating graduates with the highest average in their baccalaureate studies by bestowing the honor of Class Marshal upon them. Marshals wear royal blue stoles and carry the Marshal sticks as they lead the student procession at Commencement.

Vanessa Olivia Hanson (New Dimensions)
Catherine E. Hesbach (Accelerated Degree Program)
Elizabeth Robinson (Traditional Day Program)

English Achievement Award

This award is given to the senior who has distinguished himself or herself for outstanding achievement in English. The recipient’s name will be inscribed on a plaque that will hang in Rosary Hall.

Dawn David-Langston

Cynthia Woodin Cross Award for Academic Excellence in Humanities

Tammy Lee Hanna

English Award for Academic Excellence

Lindsey Vernon

Mary Benevento Award

Given to the outstanding student-athlete in the senior class, the person who best embodies the ancient ideal “Mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body).

James Economopoulos

Evening Division Award for Academic Excellence in the M.B.A. Program

Raviendre R. Kailan
Michael Joseph Caporale Jr.

New Dimensions Outstanding Leadership Award

Presented to cohort student representatives for leadership ability and exemplary scholastic status.

Mary Spodnik

Psychology Award for Academic Excellence

Emily Matousek
Raven Turquoise-Moon

Human Services Award for Academic Excellence in the Undergraduate Program

Alicia Thiede

Human Services Award for Academic Excellence in the Graduate Program

Dianna Hoyt
Minecia Scott
Amy Levine
Maureen Quinn

Master of Arts in Art Therapy Award for Academic Achievement

Kathleen Matus

Master of Arts in Art Therapy Award for Excellence in Clinical Internship

Christina Dimauro

Richard Hennessey Award

Presented to a New Dimensions student who has combined academic excellence with a selfless dedication exemplifying the spirit and mission of the program.

Mark Catania

Dennis J. O’Connor Special Recognition Award

Presented to the New Dimensions student who continues his or her studies under the most adverse conditions.

Martha Bauknight

New Dimensions Award for the Best Performance in the Bachelor of Science Program

Donald Bragg

New Dimensions Award for the Best Performance in the Associate of Science Program

Peter Eschweiler

Mary Etta Knapp Memorial Prize for Excellence and Scholarly Promise in English

Sara Evans

Sister Rita Mary McBride Memorial Prize

Awarded to the graduating senior who has, in the spirit of Sister Rita Mary, combined academic excellence with a selfless devotion to the College and who has exhibited the spirit and character which Albertus seeks to foster in all its students.

Gina D’Agostino

Walsh Family Memorial Prize

Given for attaining the highest average in science.

Alyssa A. Avery

June Veckerelli Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science

Margaret Struzik

Sister Mary Carmel Sullivan Memorial Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Jennifer Snow

Bruce Sinkey Award for Excellence in Art

Sarah Thuerling

Master of Arts in Leadership Award

Given annually for overall leadership excellence in academics and practice through his or her studies as well as service to the community.

Kathryn Larsen

Achievement Award for Excellence in Computer Information Systems

Jason Esch

Sister Charles Marie Brantl Award for Academic Excellence in Business Administration and Management

Catherine Hesbach
Bria Szymanski

Academic Achievement in Business Management

Jason Esch
Kevin Green

The Wall Street Journal Award

Sonia Beamon Rezendes

Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance in Sport Management

Alan Mathieu

Irwin Siegel Memorial Award for Business and Economics

Michael DiMassa

Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Merit Award to the major with the Highest G.P.A.

Sara Mancini

Beverly Chieffo Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art

Jamal Howard