Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Department of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics offers a Major in Mathematics with an Emphasis on Teacher Preparation; the requirements for this major are as follows:

Where Will Your Degree Take You?


Operational Researcher

Research Scientist (maths)


Secondary School Teacher


Program Of Study (33 Credits)

Mathematics Courses

MA 121 Calculus I

MA 122 Calculus II

MA 215 Differential Equations

MA 230 History of Mathematics

MA 233 Linear Algebra

MA 242 Linear Optimization

MA 315 Geometry

MA 345 Probability

MA 351 Statistical Methods

MA 391 Senior Seminar

Mathematics Minor (18 credits)

Students wishing to complete a minor in Mathematics are required to take:

MA 121 Calculus I

MA 122 Calculus II

MA 233 Linear Algebra