Founders' Day

1925 Hours of Service

The theme for Founders' Day 2013 is "Dominicans: Think Globally, Act Locally." This theme reflects one element of Dominican life and education – service. A familiar Dominican motto, which adorns the atrium walls of the Tagliatela Academic Center, is "contemplate and share with others the fruits of your contemplation." This is service in the Dominican tradition: sharing generously with others our deepest thoughts and commitments.

As a "Dominican," through your association with Albertus Magnus College, we invite you to commemorate the foundation of the College by participating in our semester-long service project: 1925 Hours of Service (#Albertus1925).

Celebrate Founders’ Day 2013 by giving and dedicating one or more hours of service to others in the name of Albertus Magnus College. Some examples could be giving an hour of service at a soup kitchen or an hour of tutoring at a local school. Do you already volunteer your time regularly? Those hours count too! Wear something Albertus, take and share a photo and register your hours! Submit photos to or use #Albertus1925 on social media.

You can live anywhere in the world and still participate, click here to register.

Don't know where to start? Contact one of our local partners:

Community Soup Kitchen
Contact: Dave O'Sullivan
(203) 624-4594

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen
Contact: Linda Carbone
(203) 809-8770

FISH of Greater New Haven
Contact: Marsha Royster
(203) 503-0107

Interfaith Community Caregivers
Contact: Kate Walton or Sara Lamar-Sterling /
(203) 230-8994

Don't live locally and still want to participate but need some direction? Try these resources to find the organization that is right for you:

United Way

Volunteer Match