Bachelor of Science in Finance

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Finance Program is to prepare students for positions in the fields of corporate financial management or personal financial planning.

The program builds upon the liberal arts focus of the College and provides both theoretical and practical training in financial decision-making and financial products and services offered by financial institutions. This base of knowledge will enable our graduates to be successful in the finance field, capable of making sound and ethical business decisions in a continuously changing environment.

Through successful completion of the program students will:

  • Exhibit basic competencies in interpersonal skills, oral and written communications, leadership, and teamwork appropriate for the business world.
  • Demonstrate and apply basic knowledge of financial theory.
  • Examine the structure and operation of financial markets, products, and services.
  • Explain the financial objectives of an organization and apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to demonstrate achievement of those objectives.
  • Examine the financial position of an organization or individual and utilize effective problem solving techniques to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Identify ethical and legal issues that impact an organization’s or individual’s financial position.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

Business Analyst

Financial Analyst

Sales Trainee

Marketing Manager

Account Manager

Human Resources Manager

Program Of Study - Finance Major (30 Credits)

BE 161 Financial Accounting

BE 162 Managerial Accounting

BE 135 Business Communications

BE 202 Statistics for Business

BE 204 Principles of Macroeconomics

BE 205 Principles of Microeconomics

MG 131 Principles of Management

MG 231 Principles of Marketing

BE 334 Business Law

CIS 171 Business Spreadsheets

Corporate Finance Concentration Courses (18 Credits)

BE 265 Corporate Financial Management

BE 225 Money and Banking

BE 227 The Stock Market

BE 361 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals

MG 391 Business Capstone

Choose 1 Financial Planning Elective Course

BE 367 Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Insurance

BE 369 Retirement Planning

BE 370 Trusts, Gifts, and Estates

Personal Financial Planning Courses (18 Credits)

BE 367 Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Insurance*

BE 368 Investments and Capital Accumulation*

BE 369 Retirement Planning*

BE 370 Trusts, Gifts, and Estates*

BE 361 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals* (Existing Course)

BE 396 Financial Planning Capstone*

*Courses are required to fulfill education requirement for CFP Certification.