The Education Experience at Albertus

Completers of the undergraduate teacher preparation program reflect on their experiences in the program:

When you study to become a teacher in the education programs at Albertus Magnus College, you learn to guide and facilitate others' learning as you share your knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject.

Albertus offers an approved, pre-professional education program which leads to initial teacher certification in a number of subject area endorsements. When you study to become a teacher at Albertus Magnus College, you learn to guide and facilitate others’ learning as you share your knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject. As you pursue your education, you will pursue a strong liberal arts curriculum, rooted in scholarship and practical application. Completers in the program enter the job market with the content knowledge and pedagogical skills necessary to be successful classroom teachers.

Planned Programs & Certification

All students interested in teaching should contact the Director of Education Programs as early as possible in the academic year to begin the process leading to fulfillment of their career goal.

The college is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education and has approval by the Connecticut Department of Education to offer planned programs at the undergraduate level leading to initial teacher certification. Planned programs are in place as follows:

  • Secondary Level (grades 7 - 12): biology, business, chemistry, general science, English, history/social studies; mathematics, and Spanish
  • Middle Level (grades 4 - 8): English, general science, history/social studies, mathematics
  • Grades pre k - 12: art

Field Experiences

Field experiences in teaching begin with your first semester in the program. In this initial experience, you’ll observe and assist local classroom teachers for at least forty hours during the semester. Throughout your four year program as a teacher candidate at Albertus, you will observe and assist students in both urban and suburban settings and in diverse cultural climates and levels (both middle and secondary). With at least one-hundred hours of classroom experience under the guidance of teachers, you will know what to expect before beginning student teaching. During your fourth year in the program, you will experience a full semester teaching practicum followed by a student teaching semester, both supervised by a TEAM trained cooperating teacher.

Affiliate Faculty Expand Your Horizons

Affiliate faculty members in Albertus' education programs are respected and experienced educators from local schools who partner with Albertus and offer you the benefit of their expertise in special areas. By visiting the classrooms of affiliate faculty, you can see how theories you are learning in education courses transfer to actual classroom practice.


Throughout your four years at Albertus, you will work closely with an advisor in Education Programs. These advisors have had extensive experience teaching in secondary schools and can guide you as you make your way through the program. Your education advisor works closely with the advisor for your major to plan an appropriate program sequence for your undergraduate years.

Job Placement

Our completers in the teacher preparation program are successful in finding teaching assignments in many of the state school districts. With your commitment to educating the next generation, you’ll emerge from your Albertus education program with competence in your subject area, skill in the use of current instructional strategies, and experience serving diverse student populations.

Looking Ahead to Graduate School

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, you are eligible to apply to the Master of Science in Education program offered at Albertus. This is a fourteen month, thirty-six credit program. In this program, graduate students can select an area of concentration either in STEM or Literacy. A description of this program is available on our website.