Campus Security Services, Available 24 hours everyday.
Cellular phone: (203) 507-5204
Office telephone: (203)773-8509
Name Dept. Title/Faculty Rank Phone Ext. Email Campus Building Room
Jim Abromaitis Athletics
Director of Athletics
203-773-85788578jabromaitis@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
John Adams Athletics
Assistant Coach Women's Soccer
coachjqa@yahoo.comMain CampusAthletic Center
Nancy Albee Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Academic Advisor for the On-Campus Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
203-773-0274274nealbee@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 7
Michael Albert Athletics

malbert@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Ben Amarone Jr. Admission
Director of Admission
203-787-86358635bamarone@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
William Aniskovich
Faculty- Business & Management

Assistant Professor / Director, All Business Programs
203-672-66896689waaniskovich@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall334
Christine Atkins
Faculty- Foreign Languages

Associate Professor / Director of the Honors Program / Coordinator of Foreign Languages
203-401-40714071catkins@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall234
Donna Balogh Financial Aid
Financial Aid Counselor
203-773-85088508dmbalogh@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall105
Alissa Balouskus Information Technology Services
Assistant to the Vice President for Information Technology Services
203-773-89518951abalouskus@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)40
Michelle Barillaro Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Admission Counselor
203-672-67926792mmbarillaro@albertus.eduEast Hartford Campus
Sandra Barone
Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice

Part Time Faculty
sbarone@albertus.eduMain Campus
Mark Barreuther
Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

Professor / Chair Dept. of Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics
203-773-85838583mbarreuther@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center202
Scott Bartlett Information Technology Services
Electronic Resources Access Specialist
203-773-85108510sbartlett@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20F
Julie Bazydlo Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Senior Admissions Counselor
203-672-67886788jbazydlo@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 10
Carolyn Behan Kraus Development & Alumni Relations
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
203-773-85218521cbehan@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Rodney Bell Facilities Services
General Maintenance / Housekeeper
203-773-85068506rbell1@albertus.eduMain Campus
Amanda Berhenke
Faculty- Psychology & Education

Assistant Professor
203-672-67786778aberhenke@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall204
Jacqueline Berrios Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Senior Admissions Counselor
203-672-67686768jberrios@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 11
Lisa Bilodeau Development
Advancement Operations Assistant
203-773-85178517lbilodeau@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Sara Blaine Faculty- Psychology
Part time Faculty
skblaine@albertus.eduMain Campus
Annette Bosley-Boyce Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Dean of the Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
203-672-66856685abosleyboyce@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 5
Robert Bourgeois
Faculty- Sociology

Assistant Professor / Director Global Studies Program
203-773-44464446rbourgeois@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall224
Shavonn Brannon Admission
Senior Operations Assistant
203-773-85248524shavonn.brannon@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Wendilea Brown Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Academic Advisor
203-672-67856785wbrown@albertus.eduEast Hartford Campus
Eileen Bujalski Library
Emerging Technologies Librarian
203-773-85948594ebujalski@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Jasmin Burgos Financial Aid
Loans and Grants Process Coordinator
203-773-85088508jburgos@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall105
Michael Burns Facilities Services
General Maintenance Services
203-773-85068506mburns@albertus.eduMain Campus
Awilda Burroughs Student Services
Operations Assistant
203-672-66916691agburroughs@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center110
Shanilya Bush Athletics
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
sbush@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Marc Camille Office of the President
President, Albertus Magnus College
203-773-80958095president@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Bren Campbell Academic Affairs
Instructional Designer / ePortfolio Coordinator
203-773-0253253bgcampbell@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)41
Christina Caputo Financial Aid
Financial Aid Counselor
203-773-85088508cmcaputo@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Jennifer Caruso Athletics
Assistant Coach Women's Lacrosse
jcaruso2@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Joe Caruso Athletics
Head Women's Lacrosse & Field Hockey Coach / Operations Coordinator
jcaruso1@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Mark Case
Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

203-773-85698569mbcase@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall302
Gary Chase Facilities Services
General Maintenance Services
203-773-85068506gchase@albertus.eduMain Campus
Patrick Clifford Career Services
Director of Career Services
203-773-69896989pclifford1@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)35
Julia Coash
Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts
Associate Professor / Director, MALS Program Co-Chair, Dept. of Visual & Performing Arts
203-773-89738973jcoash@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center201
Michelle Cochran Financial Aid
Director of Financial Aid
203-773-85088508mcochran@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall105
Jeremiah Coffey
Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies

Professor / Chair, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion
203-773-85548554jcoffey@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall228
Brett Colavolpe Athletics
Head Coach Men's Soccer
bacolavolpe@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Susan Cole
Faculty- English

203-773-85628562scole@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall318
Patricia Compagnone-Post
Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

203-401-46824682pcpost@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center201
Evell Concepcion Information Technology Services
Help Desk Coordinator and Media Analyst
203-773-85708570econcepcion@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20E
Dan Constantinidi Athletics
Assistant Coach Men's / Women's Tennis
drconstantinidi@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Devon Corbett Student Services
Residential Life Coordinator
203-773-44774477dcorbett@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center116
Gina D'Agostino Admission
Assistant Director of Admission
203-773-85898589gmdagostino.s@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Lena Dandridge Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Educational Assistant- Curriculum Services
203-672-67836783ljdandridge@albertus.eduEast Hartford Campus
Felicia Davidson Admission
Admission Counselor
203-773-44714471fdavidson1@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Thad Dawley Information Technology Services
Administrative Computing Services Team Leader / Colleague Programmer
203-773-0166166tdawley@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)31
Wiley Dawson Career Services
Assistant Director
203-752-30633063wdawson@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)34
Patricia Dawson Library
Interlibrary Loan / Serials & Media Coordinator
203-672-66506650padawson@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Joanne Day Library
Associate Director / Technical Services Librarian
203-672-66816681jday@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Kristen DeCarli
Faculty- Business & Management

Instructor, Sport Management
203-773-85478547kdecarli@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall208
Darryl Delia Athletics
Head Coach Men's Lacrosse
ddelia@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Carol DellaCamera Athletics
Athletic Center Front Desk / Reception
203-773-85968596Main CampusAthletic Center
Melissa DeLucia Registrar
203-773-85148514mdelucia@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Natalie Devaull-Robichaud Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor
Director of the Writing Program
203-672-66716671ndevaull@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)32
Bonnie Dingus Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Director of Curriculum Services
203-672-67636763bdingus@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 21
Ross Edwards
Faculty- History & Political Science

203-773-12891289redwards1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall122
Nabil Elias
Faculty- Business & Management

Assistant Professor
203-773-85828582nelias@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Edward Emielita Athletics
Head Coach Softball
eemielita@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Siobhan Evarts
Faculty- Psychology

Assistant Professor
203-672-66756675soevarts@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall116
Nancy Fallon
Faculty- Business & Management

Professor / Director of MSA
203-773-85678567nfallon@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Howard Fero
Faculty- Business & Management

Associate Professor / Director MLDR Program
203-773-44244424hfero@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall306
Gloria Fiore Facilities Services
General Housekeeping Services
203-773-85068506gfiore@albertus.eduMain Campus
Andrew Foster Student Services
Vice President for Student Services
203-773-85428542afoster@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center108
Deborah Frattini Academic Affairs
Faculty- English & Humanities
Director of the Academic Development Center
Associate Professor
203-773-85648564dfrattini@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall314
JR Fredette Athletics
Head Coach Women's Basketball
rffredette@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Francis Frosceno Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Part- Time Educational Assistant
ffrosceno@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Carol Fucci Administration and Finance
Assistant to the Treasurer
203-773-85338533cfucci@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall103
Jeffrey Fuhr Facilities Services
General Maintenance Services
203-773-85068506jfuhr@albertus.eduMain Campus
Jeffrey Funk Student Services
Residential Hall Director
203-773-85848584jfunk@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center116
Lisa Furman
Faculty- M.A.A.T.C.

Director of the Masters of Arts in the Art Program
203-773-89038903lfurman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall116
David Garaventa
Faculty- Business & Management

Director CIS Program
203-773-85638563dgaraventa@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall328
Michael Geary
Faculty- Criminal Justice

Associate Professor
203-773-80888088mgeary@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 17
Wayne Gineo
Faculty- Economics

Associate Professor / Director of MBA
203-672-66706670wgineo@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall312
Carin Giordano Marketing
Marketing Manager
203-787-68796879clgiordano@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Sean-Michael Green Admission
Vice President for Enrollment Management
203-773-85278527smgreen1@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Althea Green Registrar
Registrar Associate CampusAquinas Hall120
Steven Gstalder Information Technology Services
Vice President for Information Technology Services
203-773-0129129sgstalder@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)39
Peter Hamasian Athletics
Assistant Coach Men's Soccer
phamarian@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Christine Hansen Academic Affairs
Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean and VP for Academic Affairs
203-773-80688068chansen@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall122
Donald Hardy Facilities Services
General Maintenance Services
203-773-85068506dhardy@albertus.eduMain Campus
Samantha Hathaway Athletics
Assistant Coach Women's Volleyball
shathaway@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Curt Hawkes Athletics
Assistant Coach Softball
chawkes@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
William B. Hawkins Administration and Finance
Vice President for Finance
203-773-85168516wbhawkins@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall102
Saylor Heidmann Education Programs
Instructional Coordinator- Education Programs
203-672-66496649sheidmann@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall104
Melanie Hellwig Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Academic Advisor
203-672-67656765mhellwig@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 8
Lynne Hennessy Office of the President
Executive Assistant and Secretary to the President
203-773-85298529lhennessy@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Isaac Hon
Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

Associate Professor
203-401-46104610ihon@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center104
Carol Huckaby
Human Service Internship Coordinator
203-562-15901590chuckaby@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall113
Robert Imholt
Faculty- History & Political Science

Part time instructor
rimholt@albertus.eduMain Campus
Help Desk ITS Information Technology Services
Help Desk
203-773-0205205its-help@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Sarah Christina Jordan Registrar
Registrar Associate
203-773-85148514scjordan@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Kenneth Jorgensen
Faculty- History & Political Science

203-773-85518551kjorgensen@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall214
Brenda Joslyn Business Administration, Management Department
Business Administration, Management Department Coordinator
203-672-67726772bajoslyn@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Stephen Joy
Faculty- Psychology

Professor / Chair Dept. of Psychology
203-773-85558555sjoy@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall320
Andrew Kaptain Athletics
akaptain@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Elizabeth Karpf Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Administrative Assistant to the Dean for Professional and Graduate Studies
203-773-85058505ekarpf@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS
Karen Kendrick
Faculty- Sociology

Associate Professor
203-773-85668566kkendrick@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall308
Sr. Anne Kilbride Office of the President
Special Assistant to the President for promotion of the Catholic, Dominican Heritage of the College
203-401-20242024akilbride@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)37
Shontisha Kinchen-Askew Financial Aid
Financial Aid Counselor
203-773-85088508skinchenaskew@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Gregory Knobelsdorff Information Technology Services
Assistant Director for Information Technology Services
203-773-85928592gknobelsdorff@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20B
Maureen Kos Academic Affairs
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty
203-773-85398539mkos@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall109
Andrea Kovacs Marketing
Vice President for Marketing
203-773-85238523akovacs@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Ellen Kramer
Faculty- Business & Management

Part Time Instructor (Faculty)
203-773-85638563ekramer@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Julianne Kraus Business Office
Accounts Receivable - New Dimensions
203-773-85328532jkraus1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Barbara Krause
Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

Assistant Professor
203-773-85498549bkrause@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall114
Melissa Laskowski Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Academic Advisor
203-672-67666766mlaskowski@albertus.eduMain CampusPGS 6
John Lawrie
Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice

Assistant Professor / Director of Criminal Justice Programs
203-773-61426142jnlawrie@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center201
Anne Leeney-Panagrossi Library
Director of Library & Information Services
203-773-85958595apanagrossi@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)15
Brian Leighton Athletics
Assistant Athletic Director / Head Coach Baseball
203-773-85348534bleighton@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Evie Lindemann
Faculty- M.A.A.T.C.

Associate Professor
203-773-85528552elindemann@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG12
Elizabeth Magenheimer Health Services
Nurse Practitioner
203-773-89388938healthclinic@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Nicole Marquis Financial Aid
Financial Aid Counselor
203-773-85088508nmarquis@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Deena Martinelli Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Admissions Counselor / Advisor
203-672-6787 6787dmartinelli@albertus.eduEast Hartford CampusSeventh Floor
Adily Martucci Athletics
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball
amartucci@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Samantha Masayda Athletics
Sports Information Director
203-773-85868586smasayda@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Deborah Massaro Business Office
Student Account Administrator, Undergraduate Evening
203-786-30253025dmassaro@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Carli Mastrisian Admission
Admission Counselor
203-787-86348634carli.matrisian@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Kelly Matera Financial Aid
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
203-773-85088508kmmatera@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Kenneth Mathews
Faculty- Education

Part Time Instructor (Faculty)
aberhenke@albertus.eduMain Campus
Ragaa Mazen
Faculty- Psychology
Adjunct Professor / Director of the Master of Human Services Program
Adjunct Professor
203-773-85748574rmazen@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall113
John McCann Library
Business Reference Librarian / Head of Reference
203-672-66826682jmccann@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Margaret Melillo Admission
Office of Admission Event Coordinator / Receptionist
203-773-85018501mmelillo@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Tim Meyers Library
Instructional Technology Librarian
203-773-44344434tmeyers@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)42
Bob Migliorini Athletics
Head Coach Men's / Women's Tennis
rmigliorni@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Zachariah Mihaly Public Safety and Procurement
Director of Campus Safety and Facility Rentals
203-773-69236923zmihaly@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center103
David Mikhail Information Technology Services
Network Analyst
203-786-30263026dmikhail@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20D
Abbe Miller Faculty- M.A.A.T.C.
Associate Professor
203-773-85438543amiller@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG14
Erin Morrell Student Services
Associate Dean for Campus Activities & Orientation
203-773-85418541emorrell@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center113
Michael Morrissey Information Technology Services
Database Administrator / Colleague Programmer
203-773-52315231mmorrissey@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)30
Victoria Munoz Information Technology Services
Colleague Programmer / Support Analyst
203-773-44284428vmunoz@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)30
Clara Munson
Faculty- Business & Management

Professor / PGS Chair Dept. of Business Mgmt.
203-773-85378537cmunson@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall303
Ciara Negron Financial Aid
Associate Director of Financial Aid
203-773-85088508cnegron@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall105
Jerome Nevins
Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts

Professor / Co-Chair Dept. of Visual & Performing Arts
203-773-85468546jnevins@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall203
Emilie Nicotra Health Services
Part-Time Mental Health Counselor
203-773-81498149enicotra@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center200
Cynthia O'Brien Academic Affairs
Administrative Assistant, Special Service Programs
203-773-69986998cobrien1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG16
Sean O'Connell Academic Affairs
Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty
203-773-85398539soconnell@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall109
Mitchell Oliver Athletics
Assistant Athletic Director / Head Coach Men's Basketball
203-773-85758575moliver@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Donna Pallanti Education Programs
Certification Officer
203-773-44214421dpallanti@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall102
Judith Pantan Business Office
Accounts Payable
203-773-85318531jpantan@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall102
James Patsalides
Faculty- Business & Management

Assistant Professor
203-672-66746674jpatsalides@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall106
Morganna Payne Registrar
Assistant Registrar
203-773-85148514mpayne@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Bonnie Pepper
Faculty- Psychology

Assistant Professor
203-773-85458545bpepper@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall204
Gina Perez Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Admissions Record Assistant
203-672-67796779glperez@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 15
George Petrunia Mailroom
Mailroom Attendant / Switchboard Operator
203-773-85508550gjpetrunia@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus CenterMailroom
Neal Pollack Administration and Finance
Senior Accountant
203-773-85538553npollack@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall104
Kelsey Proctor Athletics
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
kbproctor@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Ryan Quinn Athletics
Head Coach Men's / Women's Golf
rtquinn@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Samantha Quinn Student Services
Director of Community Standards
203-773-85778577squinn@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center112
Anthony Reich Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Director of Admission, Div. of Professional & Graduate Studies
203-773-50325032arreich@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 12
Maryann Reid Financial Aid
Financial Aid Administrator
203-773-85088508mreid@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Steven Rignoli Business Office
Student Account Administrator, Undergraduate Day
203-773-85048504sarignoli@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Ross A. Riskin
Faculty- Business & Management

203-773-85658565rriskin@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall212
Paul Robichaud Academic Affairs
Faculty- English
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor / Chair Dept. of English
203-773-85568556probichaud@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall204
James Sandillo Athletics
Athletic Center Front Desk / Reception
203-773-85968596Main CampusAthletic Center
June Sangapore Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Associate Dean for Student Success and Retention
203-672-67616761jsangapore@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 4
Katie Santacroce Admission
Assistant Director of Admission
203-777-59595959ksantacroce@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Sr. Joan Scanlon, O.P. Office of the President
Coordinator of Campus Ministry
203-672-66786678jscanlon@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center114
James Schafrick Public Safety and Procurement
Assistant Vice President for Operations
203-773-85078507jschafrick@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall108
Danielle Schlough Admission
Admissions Counselor
203-773-85288528danielle.schlough@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Eric Schoeck
Faculty- English & Humanities

Assistant Professor
203-672-67756775eschoeck@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 14
Jeffrey Scott Information Technology Services
Senior Web Developer
203-672-66546654jscott@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)29
Dan Secore Physical Plant
Facilities Services Supervisor
203-773-85068506dsecore@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Stefanie Seslar Development & Alumni Relations
Director of Alumni and Donor Engagement
203-773-85198519sseslar@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Christopher Shine Information Technology Services
Instructional Technology Assistant
203-773-0205205cjshine@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Sharon Shuffitt Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Director of Academic Services
203-672-67626762sshuffitt@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 13
Everett Silver Information Technology Services
PC Support and Network Analyst
203-773-89548954esilver@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20C
Anthony Simoes Athletics
Assistant Trainer
asimoes@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Viola Simpson Information Technology Services
Institutional Research and Assessment Analyst
203-773-85738573vcsimpson@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)33
Nicola Singh
Faculty- History & Political Science

Assistant Professor
203-401-20682068nsingh@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 17
Jennifer Snow Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Admission Counselor / Advisor
203-672-67696769jmsnow@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 18
Eliannie Sola Registrar
Administrative Assistant
203-773-85148514esola@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Hilda Speicher
Faculty- Psychology

Professor of Psychology / Coordinator Psychology Accelerated Degree Program / Coordinator Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
203-773-85488548hspeicher@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall210
Regina Stephenson Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Site Coordinator
203-672-67866786rstephenson@albertus.eduEast Hartford Campus
Renee Sullivan Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
203-773-44744474rsullivan@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall106
Elena Tamayo Heitz Health Services
Part- Time Registered Nurse
203-773-89388938etamayoheitz@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center203
Malcolm Thomas Student Services
Assistant Director for Campus Activities
203-752-87938793mthomas@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center105
Loel Tronsky
Faculty- Psychology & Education
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
203-773-85618561ltronsky@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall203
Nora Trujillo Facilities Services
General Housekeeping Services
203-773-85068506netrujillo@albertus.eduMain Campus
John Tuozzoli Facilities Services
General Maintenance Worker
203-773-85068506jtuozzoli@albertus.eduMain Campus
Joan Venditto Education Programs
Faculty- Education
Director of Education Programs
Associate Professor / Chair, Dept of Education & Foreign Languages
203-773-80878087jvenditto@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall202
Joseph Veth
Faculty- Education

203-773-85728572jveth@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall201
Matthew Waggoner
Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies

Associate Professor
203-752-87628762mwaggoner@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall226
Ron Waite
Faculty- Communications

Associate Professor / Chair, Dept. of Communications
203-773-85608560rwaite@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall313
Nicholas Wajnowski Athletics
Associate Athletic Director / Head Coach Women's Soccer
203-773-85798579nwajnowski@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Robert Wallace Facilities Services
General Maintenance Services
203-773-85068506rwallace@albertus.eduMain Campus
Sarah Wallman
Faculty- English

Associate Professor / Co-Director MFA Program
203-773-44734473swallman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall316
Craig Washington
Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice

Part Time Faculty
cwashington1@albertus.eduMain Campus
John Wasserman
Faculty- Management & Leadership

Assistant Professor
203-672-67766776jwasserman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 20
Ivo Wesseling Athletics
Head Trainer
iwesseling@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Kevin Wielk Athletics
Assistant Coach Men's Basketball
kpwielk@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Amy Wilson Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Academic Advisor for the On-Campus Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
203-773-85128512awilson@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 3
Chris Wood Division of Professional and Graduate Studies
Associate Director of Admissions
203-672-67676767cwood@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 15
Heather Wotton Academic Affairs
Director of Academic Advisement and Student Success
203-773-85588558hwotton@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall213
Patricia Yeaman
Faculty- Sociology

Professor / Chair Dept. of Sociology
203-773-85598559pyeaman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall313
Catherine Zdanowicz Development
Advancement Associate
203-773-85188518cazdanowicz@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Rosanne Zudekoff Marketing
Director of Communications and Community Relations
203-773-85228522rzudekoff@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
William Zukauskas Athletics
Part-Time Assistant Coach Men's Lacrosse
wzukuaskas@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center