Concentration in Art Therapy (48 credits)

The Art Therapy concentration presents for the student a particular focus designed to lead to a graduate art therapy program. The program offers the student a rich and varied background in media and techniques of art that is important as a vocabulary for the art therapist. Also, the art therapy student acquires the psychology courses needed to prepare for this rewarding field.

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

Art Therapist

Required Art Courses (27 credits)

AR 111 Drawing I

AR 213 Color

AR 391 Senior Project

One of the following: (3 credits)

AR 113 Three-Dimensional Design

AR 122 Two-Dimensional Design

One course in Art History: (3 credits)

Four courses from studio art electives (l2 credits)

Required Psychology Courses: (18 credits)

PY 111 Introduction to Psychology

PY 211 Abnormal Psychology

PY 218 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PY 340 Psychological Assessment

PY 371 Introduction to Art Therapy

PY 372 Theory and Practice of Art Therapy

One of the following courses: (3 credits)

PY 330 Child Psychology

PY 341 Adolescent Psychology

Students intending to apply to a M.A.A.T. graduate program are strongly encouraged to take PY 211, Abnormal Psychology.

Recommended Correlatives:

Two additional Art History courses (6 credits)