In Memoriam

On November 2, 2013, at All Saints Day Mass, the Albertus Magnus College Community remembered the following alumni, family, and friends in our prayers:

  • Robert J. Adams
  • Sheila Fallon Andress '61
  • Louis Bazzano
  • Jean Becker
  • Amelia Bennett
  • Eleanor Regan Bush '51
  • Honorable Robert Callahan D.H.L. '06
  • Joseph Cantafio
  • Sr. Rose Anthony Cantore, O.P.
  • Concetta Carbone
  • MaryRose Boyle Cermola
  • Assunta (Sue) Ciervo '37
  • “Red” Clynch
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Birney Cochran '43
  • Mary Marguerite Condon '43
  • John Connolly
  • Ruth Conway '39
  • Robert Crockett
  • Mary Foody Cronan '50
  • Morgan Kinnick Cronan
  • Deborah Daly '67
  • Angelo D'Amato
  • Domenica D'Angelo
  • Mary Deakin
  • David Deakin
  • Margaret Alice Delehanty '48
  • Ed Dellavalle
  • Joyce Devich
  • Eleanor Rosemary Devine '40
  • Anne Connelly Dillon '47
  • James Doherty
  • Angie Dorio
  • Anne M. Dorsi '42
  • Kathleen Lacey Dowling '74
  • David Gerald Doyle
  • Frances Dyer Dunton '82
  • Vincent Durazzo
  • Richard Joseph Carlos Eichler
  • Neil Fero
  • Laura Cirisoli Fichura
  • Effa Chestney Cohen Fisher '39
  • Jane Elizabeth Flynn Francis '53
  • Anna Fraulo '48
  • Willis Calvin Frizzle Sr.
  • Raoul A. Gagne
  • Marion Wells Galgano
  • Salvatore Giaimo
  • Elizabeth Fleming Giglio '60
  • Carol M. Esposito Gillispie '70
  • James Gomulinski
  • Charles M. Grace D.H.L. '82
  • Marianne Gray
  • John Griffin
  • Anne Bianchi Gundersen
  • Joyce Pendergast Hale '49
  • Leonard Hanley
  • Maxine Haughton
  • David Hayes D.H.L. '07
  • Rita Hayes
  • Katherine Harken Healey '38
  • Arline Nevins Herb '41
  • Matthew Herrick
  • Jean Robert Hinners '48
  • Mildred Ormond Holodak
  • Michael G. Ineson
  • Marie B. Iovino
  • Virginia Bracken Isakson '43
  • James (J.J.) Johnson '08
  • Paula McCarthy Johnson
  • Sr. Valerie Johnson, O.P.
  • Ronald Juran
  • Sr. Mary of God, O.P. (Mary Barbara Kain)
  • Margaret Hynds Kane '40
  • Janet Kapish '56
  • Patricia Barbuto Karlak '44F
  • Peter Michael Karlak
  • Mary Labate '50
  • Jean Mariah Cobb LaCamera
  • LaDavia P. Law '03
  • Katherine Keresey Lutter '38
  • Luciana Lyon
  • John Morgan Lyons Sr. D.H.L. '01
  • Barbara Macaboy
  • Arlene Pueschel Main '80
  • Ethel H. Massey '39 (honorary)
  • Kate Foster Robertson McGraw
  • Janice Baldwin McKernon '65
  • Neal McManus
  • Carol Messer
  • Enzo Montesi
  • Robert J. Munnelly
  • Sheila Reilly Murphy '67
  • John Edward "Jack" Murphy
  • Nelly Nepomuceno, M.D.
  • Sheila Myers North '67
  • Katherine Schlauder O'Connor '51
  • Annette Orient
  • Mary O'Sullivan
  • Rhonda Pagani
  • Louis A. Petrillo, Jr.
  • Michael Ottaway Pettee
  • Geraldine Powers-Hopkins '75
  • Barbara Fitch Prokop '39
  • Anne Collins Racanelli '56
  • James V. Ranelli Jr. '94
  • Jason Reynolds
  • Anne Richardson
  • Edward Rossi
  • Mary Claire Davis Rudiger '52
  • Teresa Rymik
  • Joan Schaefer
  • John J. Scinto
  • Mary SanGiorgio Sette
  • Edward Maum Sheehy
  • Mildred Barese Sherwood
  • Nancy Ann Sousa '10
  • Kathleen Spillane
  • Mary Blair St. Cyr
  • MaryBeth McGary Stasiak
  • Mary E. Gilmarten Steinbrecher '57
  • Arthur Sweeny
  • Rosemary Sullivan Sweeny
  • Nicholas John Turro
  • Janice Vars '98
  • Edna M. Veth
  • Helen Ruth Buzas Walker
  • Arthur Lawrence Washburn Jr.
  • Joseph R. Weisberger
  • Helen Zaniewski
  • Ann Zimmerman

Alumni 2013-2014

Rose Weiner '35 died three weeks before her 99th birthday; she is survived by loving nieces and nephews
July 3, 2013
Woodbridge, Conn.

Dorothy Hession Mester '42 enjoyed tennis, golf and horse racing; she is survived by three children and their spouses, eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren
November 7, 2013
St. Paul, Minn.

Patricia Barbuto Karlak '44F, a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, was a longtime member of the Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church
October 3, 2013
Hamden, Conn.

Laura Adams Hackett '44S received a degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and taught in the East Haven (CT) public schools for more than 30 years; she is survived by two sons and three grandchildren
December 7, 2013
Branford, Conn.

Winifred McGarry Ross '45, a teacher at St. Aedan elemen- tary school in New Haven prior to her retirement, is survived by a son and daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
October 29, 2012
Branford, Conn.

Anne Connelly Dillon '47 was a bilingual teacher in the Springfield (Mass.) school system for nearly 20 years prior to her retirement; she was the sister of Martha Connelly Sullivan '54 and the late Mary Connelly Redgate '40
September 19, 2013
East Longmeadow, Mass.

Joyce Pendergast Hale '49 in recent years was a teacher's aide, a docent at the Wadsworth Atheneum and active member of the Glastonbury Historical Society; she is survived by her husband, their two sons and a daughter, and several grandchildren
July 8, 2013
Glastonbury, Conn.

Marie Pagnam Buller '50 is survived by 5 children and 15 grandchildren
April 20, 2012
North Haven, Conn.

Barbara Curtin '51 taught in Europe and the Wolcott (CT) school system; she later became a real estate agent and appraiser, and taught real estate courses at the University of Hartford
November 29, 2009
Wethersfield, Conn.

Lucy Baldino Lefevre '51, a retired middle school teacher in the East Haven (CT) school system where she taught ESL classes, was the author of two books; she is survived by a daughter and four sons, and four grandchildren
June 8, 2013
Flagler Beach, Fla.

Carol Higgins Fallon '54 was a social worker for Catholic Social Services; she is survived by her husband, five children and two stepdaughters, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild
January 12, 2014
Eatonton, Ga.

Marion Booth Rogers '54 served for decades as Eucharistic Minister at her parish and was appointed a Lady of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher; her husband of 55 years died in 2010; she is survived by 6 children and 16 grandchildren
February 11, 2014
Pasadena, Calif.

Gertrude M. O'Neil '56 taught high school French for many years; she earned a master's degree from Boston College and continued studies at Middlebury College and the Sorbonne
December 30, 2013
Somerset, Mass.

Brenda Chapman Bolender '66 was an English teacher for 32 years and a volunteer at Children's Hospital, Boston, for over 22 years; she was the sister of Adele Chapman Urbsas '62
January 17, 2014
Norwood, Mass.

Deborah Daly '67 is survived by five siblings, their spouses and many nieces and nephews
December 12, 2012
Warwick, R.I.

Mary Galgota '67 received a master's degree in English from San Francisco State University and was a writing instructor there, and at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University; a political and civil rights activist, she crusaded for those she felt were victims of injustice
October 28, 2013
Fairfield, Conn.

Sheila Myers North '67 was director of institutional research at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and executive assistant to the president of Upstate Medical Center; she is survived by her husband, son, daughter and stepdaughter
September 22, 2013
Laconia, N.H.

Geraldine Powers Hopkins '75 was student body president; she is survived by her husband, Tom Hopkins, her sister, Julie Powers '80, and two brothers
May 9, 2013
New York, N.Y.

David M. Baker '94 had a long and distinguished career in computer and software engineering, and public service; he is survived by his wife, and two sons and their families
January 10, 2014
Branford, Conn.

Janice Vars '98 earned a master's degree; she learned Native American beading techniques when she lived on the Navajo, Northern Cheyenne and Blackfoot native lands; she is survived by her husband, Yukon Two Moons, son, daughter, three grandchildren and parents
September 11, 2013
Big Sandy, Mont.

Relatives of Alumni and Members of the Albertus Community

Louis F. Tagliatela Sr., a major benefactor of the College, died January 16, 2014. A member of the College's Board of Trustees from 2000 to 2008, he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Albertus in 2003. The Mary A. and Louis F. Tagliatela Academic Center, dedicated December 18, 2009, is named for this entrepreneur, civic leader, philanthropist and supporter of education, and his wife. His son Louis F. Tagliatela Jr. serves on the College's Board of Trustees, carrying on the family's commitment to Albertus.

Robert J. Adams, father of John Adams '03, associate head coach for women's soccer
September 7, 2013

Vincent P. Bassermann, father-in-law of Sharon McGowan Bassermann '73
October 31, 2013

Amelia “Dolly” Bennett, mother of Norma Jo Bennett Shore '69
July l9, 2013

Victoria Lee Case, sister of Mark B. Case, associate professor of mathematics
December 24, 2013

Shelley Chamberlain, former swim instructor at Albertus
November 9, 2013

Marian J. Crowder, mother of Colleen Crowder '79

James R. Dolan, father of Christine Dolan Atkins, associate professor of foreign languages and director of the Honors Program
January 17, 2014

J. Gordon Duffey taught English at Albertus from 1957 to 1958
October 26, 2013

Frederick W. Ensling Jr., husband of Eileen Benoit '60, father of Catherine Ensling Nolan '79, grandfather of Annie Raucci '14, and brother-in-law of Janice Benoit Fodero '62
February 7, 2014

Lillian Ferretti, sister of Linda Ferretti '79
October 24, 2013

Matthew Herrick, son of Diane Sjostedt Gowdy '68
July 22, 2013

Mildred Holodak, mother-in-law of Bernadette Holodak '11
September 10, 2013

Paula Johnson, sister-in-law of Arlene Fanucci Johnson '59
June 9, 2013

Robert Lee Jones, husband of Jo-Anne Anastasio Jones '63
April 21, 2013

Peter Karlak, husband of Patricia Barbuto Karlak '44F
April 18, 2013

Thomas Katsaros, husband of Nancy Massa Katsaros '64
November 6, 2013

Kathleen Kras, mother of Nicole Kras '01 and Lauren Kras '10
December 5, 2013

Paul B. Marlowe Sr., husband of Jane Angell Marlowe '55
July 26, 2011

John Edward “Jack” Murphy, husband of Alice Walsh Murphy '56
August 19, 2013

Frank Raio, associate head coach for Albertus men's soccer, began his coaching career at Albetus in the 1990s; an attorney, he also was a lecturer at the College
November 3, 2013

Anne Richardson taught English classes at Albertus
October 2, 2013

Joan Zito Schaefer, mother of Matthew Schaefer '98
August 4, 2013

MaryBeth A. Stasiak, mother of Melissa Stasiak '13
October 23, 2013

Helen Decko Strona, mother of Doreen Strona Mantilia '71
January 3, 2014

Paul J. Tagliatela, brother of Louis Tagliatela Sr., former Trustee of the College and recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in 2003; and uncle of Louis F. Tagliatela Jr., Trustee of the College
December 31, 2013

James W. VanNortwick, husband of Patricia Bachand VanNortwick '50; he was an educator for many years and a dedicated volunteer in his retirement
December 5, 2012

Arthur Lawrence Washburn Jr., a retired lawyer who was a longtime member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and its Pro Bono Society; he was the husband of Susanne Schuppel Washburn '58