Accessing your Albertus Alumni Email Account

Albertus is committed to providing resources to support our graduates and to staying connected with our Alumni. One of the benefits that Albertus Magnus College provides to its graduates is an alumni email account. This special email account enables you to stay connected to the school, to the Albertus community and with your fellow alumni and gives you an opportunity take advantage of all the benefits that come with your email account.

Six (6) months after completion of a degree, your student account will be closed and you will need to use your new account instead. If you completed your degree prior to December 2012 your student account will remain active until July 2013. You are responsible for transferring any information from your current student email account to your new alumni email account prior to deactivation of your student account. Your student email account will no longer be active as of 6 months from the date that you completed your course work at Albertus. If you choose to continue to pursue your academic career at Albertus your student account status will not change. For example, if you enroll in one of our masters programs your student account will remain active.

Month of degree completion Date student email will be closed
December July of the following year
May November of that year
August February of the following year

Any information not moved from your student email account to your alumni email account will not be accessible by you or by the ITS department once your student email account is closed. See below tutorials for directions for transferring your emails, contacts, and/or documents to your alumni email account.

Tutorials to move your Albertus student emails, contacts and documents over to your Albertus alumni email accounts:

How to download Google docs from email account

How to download Gmail contact list

How to move emails from one inbox to another

Accessing your Albertus Alumni Email Account

Go to

(Note: Make sure you are not logged into any gmail accounts or myAlbertus prior to accessing your account.)

Enter your username. Your username is

Enter your temporary password: Albertus#### (Capital "A", lowercase "lbertus" and the last 4 digits of your social security number).


For additional assistance

For questions about accessing your Albertus alumni email or questions regarding moving your information from your student email to your alumni email, please email Be sure to include your full name, a return email address and a phone number where you can be reached.

Access to eLearning

At the same time that your student email is closed, your eLearning account is deactivated. This means that if there are any materials in your courses that you’d like to retrieve and save, you need to do this prior to your account being closed (see dates in table above).

Access to ePortfolio

If you used ePortfolio during your time at Albertus, this account will continue to be active. Your student log username and login information will remain the same. You will need to access ePortfolio from

Transcript Requests

In order to access your unofficial or official transcript, please visit or call the Registrar's office at 203-773-8514

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