Alumni Board

Alumni Association Board of Governors for the 2014-2016 Term

This dynamic group works directly with the Office of Alumni Relations on new and exciting programs for alumni. If you are interested in becoming involved as a potential board member, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (203)773-8502 or email

Jennifer Paskiewicz '06 '12 M.S. Human Services

Sydney McAvoy '12

Melonie K. Bland '05
Alberta Conte '71
Anthony Cuozzo '08, '10 M.A. Leadership
Anne L. Demchak '04
Mary Lou Apuzzo DiPaola '72
Robert Gagne '12 M.A. Leadership
Rhonda Geddis '83
Melissa Jennings '08, '12 M.S. Human Services
Anthony Kane '03
Sgt. Tammi Means '07, '11 M.A. Leadership
Brian Puzycki '92
Kathleen Ryan '73
Sheila Flaherty Wycinowski '72

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Carolyn Behan Kraus '86

Director of Alumni Relations
Stefanie Stevens Seslar

Meet Your Alumni Association Board of Governors

The Alumni Association Board of Governors is a group of dedicated alumni volunteers who work together to support and further the mission and goals of the College through its Alumni Association. The Board assists the Alumni Office in many ways including event programming and fundraising efforts. Below are brief statements from our Board members on why they choose to serve alma mater.

Member, Alberta Conte '71

I owe a great part of my successful 38 year teaching career to Albertus Magnus College. The strong liberal arts curriculum and a teaching certificate gave me a great foundation to continue my academic endeavors. I was able to explore my potential and develop leadership skills which I used in my role as teacher and administrator. Now that I am retired, I can devote my time to giving back to the college that gave me my start. I look forward to serving on the Alumni Association Board of Governors.

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Member, Melonie K. Bland '05

I love Albertus!!! And that's the main reason I work on the Alumni Association Board. Due to the lessons I learned and friendships I made at Albertus, I am the woman I am today. Albertus allowed me to come out of my shell and taught me how to be a great leader. By being a traditional day resident student I had the opportunity to build many great relationships that have tremendously impacted my life in the midst of a supportive community. Now that I have graduated from Albertus and have obtained my graduate degree I feel it's important for me to give back to a community that gave me so much. I enjoy planning events for the College and being able to visit the College regularly to keep up with the happenings of the school. I'm very excited with the direction Albertus is going in and I'm proud to be a part of Albertus' continued tradition of excellence!

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Anne Demchak '04

For me, attending Albertus Magnus filled an empty spot in my life. I always expected to work, and college was a way to achieve more in my career, but Albertus became more personal to me. The people of Albertus, its faculty and leaders, fellow students and colleagues are a network more akin to family than simply acquaintances. The small campus has grown and advanced but the atmosphere of caring, knowing and validating each person in their own right has never changed and no one is ever forgotten. I feel I am an ambassador for the College, sharing my experience there with a heartfelt appreciation for what I have learned and for the lifelong sense of belonging that has enriched me as a person and a leader in my chosen profession.

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Member, Robert Gagne '12

Going back to school for my graduate degree at Albertus Magnus College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My course of study, Leadership, was directly applicable to what I do in my professional life, serving as a Chief of Police. I found the program to be stimulating, enriching and motivating beyond any expectations that I had. The professors and course materials were all outstanding, and I grew significantly from the experience, both personally and professionally. The Dominican core values of study, community, service and spirituality are embraceable values that are truly descriptive of the Albertus Magnus experience. In keeping with those values, I was honored to have been offered a position on the Alumni Association Board of Governors. My wife Laurie and daughter Morgan are both Albertus graduates, making it a special place for our family. Serving the Albertus community is a privilege that I accept without hesitation.

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Member, Anthony Kane '03

Ever since the first day that I walked onto the Albertus Magnus campus something captivated me. Everyone that I met was eager and excited to be a part of AMC, the professors wanted to see their students succeed and the students were hungry to showcase their talents everywhere that they could. I made long lasting friendships, have lifelong memories and built a solid educational and spiritual foundation at AMC that has afforded me numerous opportunities to succeed throughout my life. Hearing about the opportunity to give back to Albertus through volunteering as part of the Alumni Board of Governors, well, I honestly could not reply fast enough! I truly believe that I would not be where I am today without everything that AMC provided me and being able to come back in hopes of helping current AMC students, alumni and the College itself was something that I could not pass up. I am extremely eager to once again become an active part of the Albertus Magnus community and look forward to contributing my time and talents in giving back to a college that has provided me with so much.

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Secretary, Sydney McAvoy '12

The moment I set foot on campus, I knew Albertus was my new home; our personalities just "clicked." The intrinsic energy of the school, the way the staff, students and faculty behaved and thought, was that X factor that lead me here. Albertus presented me with so many wonderful opportunities to learn both inside and out of the classroom whether it was a spirited discussion, an internship experience, or working as a math and writing tutor. I am who I am and where I am because of the opportunities Albertus provides to it's students. The opportunity to serve and give back to the school and community that gave me so much is just another wonderful opportunity Albertus has provided me with. Albertus does have a tradition of excellence and successful students, and I want to make sure that the wonderful opportunities I experienced are open for every student who makes it through that iconic archway.

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President, Jennifer M. Paskiewicz '06, '12

When I think about my time at Albertus I often smile. Albertus has given me so much; this was a place where I gained not only knowledge but friendships and contacts that will last a lifetime. Albertus became a second home and family to me, and just like family does, Albertus has impacted who I have become which is something I am truly thankful for. So when I was given the opportunity to give back by serving on the Board I couldn't help but to take the opportunity. I am proud and enjoy being a part of what Albertus is today and am hopeful that the contributions that I make will assist in what the Albertus of tomorrow will be. I truly believe it is an honor to serve on the Board of Governors.

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Member, Brian Puzycki '92

I have come to a point in my personal and professional life where I have some time to take on tasks and responsibilities outside of each that I couldn’t before but always wanted to pursue. I believe that education truly is a life-long process, the ability to continue to grow new skills and get involved in new opportunities keeps your perspective fresh and your mind challenged. When I look back at my time at at Albertus, I have more and more fond memories of those days. I have been back on campus many times over the past few years and I really believe the school is moving in the right direction and I am excited to be part of it again. I have been looking for the chance to volunteer my time towards something I strongly believe in and the Alumni Association Board was a perfect fit. Being part of the first Albertus sports teams to compete on the NCAA Division III level was a tremendous experience and to see how far the teams and school have come is great, I am hoping that I can bring some of my real world perspective and passion for the school to good use. I look forward to meeting new and old friends and am grateful to serve on the board.

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Member, Kathleen Ryan '73

My Albertus education has opened doors for me my entire adult life. I treasure the memories of my professors and their classes and my experiences at Albertus over my four years there. Friends that I made at Albertus over 40 years ago are friends today. I owe much to Albertus Magnus College, and serving on its Alumni Association Board of Governors is one small way to thank the College for its lasting gifts to me. As a member of that Board, I wish to strengthen and further develop the relationship that the College has with its thousands of alumni.

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Member, Sheila Flaherty Wycinowski '72

Albertus Magnus College allowed me to grow and develop into the person I am today. I gained many lasting friendships and the faculty provided me with leadership opportunities, skills and knowledge. I received a strong liberal arts education coupled with a teaching certificate. These opportunities led to a successful forty year career in education and educational leadership. I have been committed to the college since 1972 serving more recently on the Advisory Panel for Education. As I begin my retirement, I look forward to serving on the Alumni Association Board of Governors.

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