Albertus Magnus College Directory Project Under Way

Whether you've been missing old friends or want to make professional connections, the Albertus Alumni Directory is an invaluable tool! The College has partnered with Harris Connect to create and distribute the 2012 Alumni Directory.

As alumni, you'll hear from Harris Connect, a trusted partner, in early May. Harris and their customer service agents will ask you to provide your most up-to-date contact information. NEW THIS YEAR - In addition to the contact information you provide, you can also include a recent photo of you and your family, or an old photo of you and your Albertus friends! You can also submit a brief biographical account.

Harris Connect Timeline - Check Your Mailbox!

Alumni will receive postcards in the mail requesting that you contact Harris directly to provide them with your updated contact information.

First postcard from Harris Connect mails: First week of May 2012

Alumni call into Harris Call Centers: Beginning on or around May 7, 2012

Harris Direct Representatives begin calling alumni: On or around June 11, 2012

  • So you know it's Harris calling, check your caller id - it should read: "Directory Ofc"

Calling and Updating will be completed: On or around July 23, 2012

Your Albertus Magnus College Alumni Directory will be on its way to you: Mid October 2012

Purchasing the Directory

When you speak with Harris Connect to provide them with your information, they will offer you the following editions of the directory for purchase:

Collector's Edition (Hardbound) & CD ROM package: $109.00 + $18.95 shipping
Regular Edition (Softbound) & CD ROM package: $99.99 + $18.95 shipping
Collector's Edition: $99.99 + $12.95 shipping
CD ROM: $99.99 + $10.95 shipping
Regular Edition: $79.99 + $12.95 shipping
Reunion* CD: $24.99 + $8.95

*A new option for alumni most interested in connecting with their class, and the two classes that graduated before and after your graduation year, a five year snap shot.

If at any time during the Albertus Magnus College Alumni Directory Project with Harris Connect, you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the College's Office of Alumni Relations:

Stefanie Stevens
Alumni Associate