Master in Leadership Program

Grounded in the best tradition of the liberal arts, or “arts that liberate,” and professional disciplines, the Master of Arts in Leadership Program integrates concepts from philosophy, religion, organizational psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, organizational theory and development, strategic management, political science, and human resource management—to provide participants with a strong base for effective leadership in a diverse and pluralistic society. The 33-credit-hour graduate program views leadership as a relational process that is inclusive of people and diverse points of view, is purposeful and builds commitment towards a shared vision, empowers those involved, and is rooted in ethical reasoning and cultural and self-awareness. The program is designed to help participants build skills in critical leadership areas.

Participants in the Master’s in Leadership Program at Albertus Magnus College should be able to develop as visionary leaders who strengthen their organizations and communities by creating and nurturing cultures of reciprocal trust, ethical behavior, empowerment of colleagues, and service. The program balances theory and practice in focused seminars, practicums and a Capstone Project, all aimed at developing the participant’s potential for communication, team leadership, building community, and the projection of vision rooted in ethical values.