The Accelerated Degree Program of study in Communications affords students the opportunity to prepare for careers in what may be the most rapidly expanding field in modern education and society-at-large. Blending traditional liberal arts with specific career-oriented coursework, students are given the foundations, skills, and ethical perspectives to be successful in their mass media careers and to be productive members of society.

The combination of scholarly search for knowledge, development of essential skills, and the application of these in society guide the major in keeping with the Mission of the College.

The Accelerated Degree Program in Communications specifically prepares students for careers in the promotional aspects of the discipline, as practiced in business and the not-for-profit sectors. However, course selections span broadcasting, film and video production, performance media, advertising, public relations, sports media, film studies, organizational communications, writing and journalism.

In order to demonstrate a student’s total accumulation of experience, skill, and integrative abilities in the major, each Communications student must submit a final portfolio of print and/or non-print materials; or research and write a final thesis. Thus, graduates of Albertus’s Communications Program are in the position to present potential employers with an actual portfolio or thesis paper that demonstrates their experiential base of knowledge and skills that will set them apart.

Students who complete the Communications Major enjoy many graduate school options that include broadcasting, media, journalism, business, and law.