Course: Introduction to Political Communications (CO-171-1) 

Things get done through politics, and politics gets done through communication. Since the time of Aristotle, thinkers have recognized that politics and communication go handin- hand as essential parts of human nature. And to this day, it is still the communication process that can either nurture or starve a nation's civil life. This introductory course will explore the interrelationship between communications and politics and how it effects the media and democracy in the United States. Questions like "Why do Americans hate government?; Why do Americans mistrust the news media?" will be explored. An exami-nation of how American politicians, trade unions, interest groups and terrorist organizations make use of the media will also be explored. The emphasis of this course is upon communication and political awareness, and this course is highly recommended for all liberally educated students who wish to become better aware of the roles that communications and politics play in their lives. Generally offered every other year. 3 credits

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