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AR-201-1Intro to Computer Art Nevins3DL  
AR-255-1Special Topics Staff3STUM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
AR-311-1Painting I Staff3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMAR-111 AR-213
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
AR-312-1Painting II Staff3STUM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMAR-311
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
AR-335-1Digital Photography I Nevins3DLT TH  
AR-336-1Digital Photography II Nevins3DLT TH  AR-335
AR-390-CSpecial Problems in Art Nevins1INDTH  
Bio and Phys Sciences
SC-110-1Human Health and Disease Barreuther3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BI-116-1The Human Body Barreuther3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BI-116-DL1The Human Body Barreuther3DLM W  
Business and Economics
BE-135-1Business Communications Garaventa3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BE-202-1Statistics for Business and Economics Patsalides3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMMA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BE-202-DL1Statistics for Business and Economics Patsalides3DLT TH  MA-000A MA-111 MA-116 or MA-121
BE-205-1Principles of Microeconomics Battista3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BE-220-1Personal Finance Sulkis3LECT 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLTH 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
BE-227-1The Stock Market Sulkis3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BE-227-1AThe Stock Market Fallon3DLW S  
BE-227-2AThe Stock Market Fallon3DL  
BE-263-1Cost Accounting Fiorentino3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PMBE-161 BE-162
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
BE-380-1Accounting Internship Fallon1PRAS  
CO-202-1Sports Marketing and Promotion Mebane3DLT TH  
CO-232-1Films of Alfred Hitchcock Waite3DLT TH  
CO-237-1Photojournalism Waite3DL  
CO-251-1Film and Video Production Dell3LECS 9:00 AM 1:40 PM
    BL 9:00 AM 1:40 PM 
CO-380-1Internship DeLucia1INTS  
CO-392-1Senior Portfolio DeLucia3DLTH  
Computer Information Systems
CIS-252-1Special Topics Knobelsdorff3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CIS-252-DL1Special Topics Knobelsdorff3DL  
CIS-276-1Systems Analysis and Design Horvath3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CIS-276-DL1Systems Analysis and Design Horvath3DL  
CIS-301-1Technology and the Arts Dell3DL  
CIS-315-1Health Care and Information Systems Laudano3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CIS-315-DL1Health Care and Information Systems Laudano3DLM W  
CIS-325-1Data Communications Scheneman3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CIS-325-DL1Data Communications Scheneman3DLM W  
CIS-330-1Ethical Issues in Computer Infor Systems Dell3DLT TH  
CIS-388-1Project Management Patsalides3DLT TH  
Criminal Justice
CJ-111-EH1Introduction to Criminal Justice Lawrie3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CJ-231-1Deviance and Criminology Geary3DLT TH  CJ-111
CJ-232-1Juvenile Delinquency Geary3DLT TH  CJ-111
CJ-233-1Corrections Lawrie3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMCJ-111
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
CJ-234-1Contempory Issues in Criminal Justice Lawrie3LECT 8:00 PM 10:20 PMCJ-111
    BLTH 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
CJ-390-1Independent Study Geary1INDTH  
ED-229-1Psych of the Exceptional Child Joy3LECT TH 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
EN-101-1College Writing Schoeck3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
EN-101-1ACollege Writing Frattini3DL  
EN-101-2College Writing Frattini3DL  
EN-101-DL1College Writing Schoeck3DLT TH  
EN-102-1Intro. to Literary Genres Wallman3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMEN-101
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
EN-102-1AIntro. to Literary Genres Wallman3DLM W  EN-101
EN-102-2Intro. to Literary Genres Wallman3DL  EN-101
EN-102-DL1Intro. to Literary Genres Wallman3DLM W  EN-101
EN-109-1Elements of Effective Writing Bosley-Boyce3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
EN-109-DL1Elements of Effective Writing Bosley-Boyce3DLM W  
EN-337-1Modern Poetry Rafferty3LECM 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
EN-337-DL1Modern Poetry Rafferty3DLM W  
EN-390-1Independent Study Sinclair1IND  
Foreign Languages
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244I-1Italian Culture and Civilization in Eng Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DLT TH  
FL-244S-1Span/Hisp. Civi. and Culture Corraro3DLT TH  
History and Political Science
HI-121-1United States History I Avitable3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
HI-121-DL1United States History I Avitable3DLT TH  
HI-253-1Topics in Historical Study Avitable3LECT 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLTH 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
HU-111-1Reading Texts in Context I Frattini3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
HU-111-DL1Reading Texts in Context I Frattini3DLT TH  
HU-112-1Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3LECT 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLTH 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
HU-112-2Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
HU-112-DL1Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3DLT TH  
HU-112-DL2Reading Texts in Context II Frattini3DLM W  
MG-131-1Principles of Management Munson3DLT TH  
MG-131-2Principles of Management Storck3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MG-231-1Principles of Marketing Lisi3LECTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MG-231-DL1Principles of Marketing Lisi3DLT TH  
MG-235-1Health Care Management Wasserman3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMBE-131 or MG-131
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MG-238-1Issues of Small and Family Business Storck3LECM 8:00 PM 10:20 PMMG-131 MG-231 BE-161
    BLW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
MG-270-1Moral Leadership:defining Character Scussel3DL  MG-131
MG-270-1AMoral Leadership:defining Character Scussel3DLT TH  MG-131
MG-308-1Ethical Issues in Health Care Aniskovich3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MG-329-1Global Issues Munson3DL  
MG-329-1AGlobal Issues Munson3DLT TH  
MG-337-1Hum. Resource Recruitandselectio Clifford3LECTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PMMG-236
    BLT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MG-380-1Internship Staff3DLS  
MA-100-1Introduction to College Math Litwinko3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MA-100-DL1Introduction to College Math Litwinko3DLT TH  
MA-111-1Mathematical Ideas Alikhanova3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MA-111-2Mathematical Ideas Litwinko3DL  
MA-116-1College Mathematics Alikhanova3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
MU-212-1Jazz: the American Heritage Hawkshaw3DL  
MU-212-1AJazz: the American Heritage Hawkshaw3DLT TH  
PH-261-1Social and Political Philosophy Waggoner3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PH-352-1Peace, Justice and Global Issues Waggoner3LECTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
Political Science
PO-111-1World Politics Edwards3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PO-111-DL1World Politics Edwards3DLT TH  
PY-111-1Introduction to Psychology Tronsky3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-211-1Abnormal Psychology Evarts3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-211-2Abnormal Psychology Raila3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-211-EH1Abnormal Psychology Hanna3LECM 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Perera3LECM W 5:30 PM 7:50 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
PY-229-1Psychology of the Exceptional Child Joy3LECT TH 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111 PY-330 or PY-211
PY-235-1Drug and Alcohol Abuse  Wickham3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-251-1Special Topics in Psychology Tronsky1LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-280-1Practicum (all Concentrations) Speicher3PRAF  
PY-323-1Social Psychology Speicher3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-323-DL1Social Psychology Speicher3DLM TH  PY-111
PY-325-1Exp. Meth.and Research Design Speicher3DL  PY-111 PY-218
PY-330-1Child Psychology Berhenke3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMPY-111
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-350-1Adulthood and Aging Amico3DLT TH  PY-111
PY-380-1Internship Speicher6INTS  PY-280
PY-391-1Senior Seminar Tronsky3SEMT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
PY-391-2Senior Seminar Speicher3SEMT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
Religious Studies and Philosophy
RS-351-1Selected Topics Lawrence3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
RS-390-DL1Independent Study Waggoner3INDTH  
SO-111-EH1Introduction to Sociology Staff3LECW 8:00 PM 10:20 PM
    BLM 8:00 PM 10:20 PM 
SO-121-1Contemporary Social Problems Palmieri3DLT TH  
SO-218-1Statistics for Behavioral Science Perera3LECM W 5:30 PM 7:50 PMMA-111 MA-116 MA-000A MA-120 MA-121 or MA-122
SO-219-1Research Methods Palmieri3DLT TH  SO-111
SO-225-1Sociology of Sport Brown3DLT TH  
SO-231-1Deviance and Criminology Geary3DLT TH  CJ-111 or SO-111
SO-232-1Juvenile Delinquency Geary3DLT TH  SO-111 or CJ-111
SO-233-1Corrections Lawrie3LECT 5:30 PM 7:50 PMCJ-111 or SO-111
    BLTH 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
SO-235-1Drug and Alcohol Abuse Wickham3LECW 5:30 PM 7:50 PM
    BLM 5:30 PM 7:50 PM 
SO-255-1Special Topics Palmieri3DL  
SO-255-2Special Topics Brown3DL  
SO-380-1Internship Yeaman3INTS  SO-111
SO-391-1Senior Seminar-Capstone Course Yeaman3SEMS